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The Flash: Will People PLEASE STOP Trying To Cancel Danielle Panabaker And Candice Patton?


Rumours are simply that. Rumours. However, people forget actors are people just like the rest of us. People need to get a grip on reality and realise this. Yeah, we’re talking about how fans of The Flash are trying to cancel actresses Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton.

Cancel Culture is a fickled bitch! Its primary goal? To destroy careers of people who have said and done things that are controversial or deemed as such. It’s no secret that fans love debating how true a rumour might be, but stop short of realising how damaging and toxic it can get. They also think it is their god given right to pull up ‘information’ about someone when the ‘situation’ has got nothing to do with them personally. They need to get a reality check!

The reason we write this post is because of what is going in the world right now. As everyone reading this will probably know by now, The Flash star, Hartley Sawyer was fired after horrible tweets resurfaced from years ago that involved mentions of racism and domestic violence. While this article isn’t about the Ralph Dibny actor, we wanted to touch on the despicable people who call themselves fans of actresses Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker.

The reality of the situation stems from the vile comments left on The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace’s statement on Twitter about Sawyer’s firing. Many so-called ‘fans’ want Danielle Panabaker fired given the alleged ‘animosity’ between her and Patton. Some have even gone to great lengths to provide ‘proof’ that the Killer Frost actress is disrespectful towards the leading female star.

Many Candice fans have tried to provide ‘proof’ of Danielle’s disrespect towards her, but their attempts are otherwise flat. We’re not going to link or name the account who is trashing Panabaker as we do not want to add fuel to the fire. If you do want to see the ‘evidence’, click the link for Eric’s statement and go to the comments. It won’t take you too long to find the thread.

Calling Actresses Out Is Not The Answer

[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

Yes, the title of this section is explanatory, but whatever. Danielle is not the first actress caught up in the toxic side of the Arrowverse fandom. Let’s not forget that ‘fans’ have also called out Candice and there was a time when racists were vocal about not wanting a black Iris West when she was cast.

A quick browse through Reddit found that a fan pointed out that Candice didn’t clap at Comic Con when it was announced that Danielle would make her directorial debut with the Godspeed episode in Season 5. Yes, she should have been professional, but Panabaker doesn’t owe Patton anything. That doesn’t mean she’s racist. As a commenter on the linked thread noted, there could be a number of reasons why she didn’t applaud her co-star that the public doesn’t know about.

This morning, Arrowverse YouTuber Pagey mentioned in his live stream that all the ‘claims’ made about Danielle and Candice’s relationship have been blown out of proportion. He also states that you don’t have be buddy-buddy with all your workmates. Totally correct on that account. As far as we know, the pair have a working partnership given who they portray and that’s it. That’s like Grant [Gustin] and Carlos [Valdes]. They play best friends, but they don’t have much of a relationship outside of filming.

While it is fine to ship the male lead with another female character who is not their primary love interest, it is NOT okay to call the other actress out if your chosen ship isn’t going to happen.

They Would Be Fired If There Was Infighting

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When you have two female leads on a show, one has more sway as they are the one who interacts with the main male star the most. In the case of The Flash, Candice is the leading lady while Danielle serves as second. If there was an issue with the actresses fighting on set, they would’ve been fired years ago. No network will allow anyone on any of their shows get into squabbles, no matter how big or small.

As we said earlier, it’s perfectly okay to not have a friendship with your co-stars. Candice and Danielle are not the only ones who only have a working relationship. Why are people saying that they hate each other when they don’t know all the facts? When we think infighting, we think back to Shannen Doherty’s diva days when she and Alyssa Milano were at each other’s throats during their time working on the original Charmed.

We still don’t actually know what went down between Shannen and Alyssa and it doesn’t matter. They were both young and foolish and are both wise women. The same applies to Candice and Danielle. They are both very different people whose ideals probably clash in more ways than one and that’s fine.

There Should Be No Such Things As Ships

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The whole reason the whole fictional feud between Danielle and Candice even started was because WestAllen fans believed that Panabaker was trying to be the lead woman on The Flash. This has been going on since Season 1 and it hasn’t stopped. We’re now heading into Season 7 and it’s the same old accusations that don’t have any form of merit to them.

Honestly, there should be no such thing as character shipping. While MOST fans do what is right, there are others out there who think one is better than another and create fan accounts and use their platform to blast the character and actors they don’t like.

There’s no harm in creating fan accounts to show support for a ship, but use them wisely.

Just because Danielle ships SnowBarry doesn’t mean she’s against WestAllen. She would go with her character because she is loyal to who she plays. She would’ve known that Barry would’ve ended up with Iris anyway, given how iconic the relationship is in the comics.

Danielle’s opinion is her own. It’s like with a lot of actors who ship their characters with certain characters. That doesn’t mean they’re against the main shipping.

The reality of the situation is, minority of fans don’t know the difference between being passionate and being obsessed. Wanting to call out racism and other injustices is great, but not at the expense of another person’s well being. How do you think Danielle and Candice feel about fans hounding them day in, day out, calling them every name under the sun and accusing them of things that are not true? Yes, they’re actors who have thick skins, but everyone has their limits. How would YOU feel if someone said horrible things about you?

The Actresses Are People Too!

[Credit: Tenor]

Candice and Danielle are people just like us fans. Trying to cancel them for things you toxic fans THINK they’ve done is just a total waste of time. Now, if there are WestAllen and SnowBarry fans reading this, please do not say that we ship Caitlin over Iris just because this section’s GIF is Caitlin. We don’t as Iris and Caitlin/Frost are FICTIONAL.

Danielle and Candice are REAL people with feelings! One is not better than the other. They don’t owe their fans anything so therefore, trying to cancel them is redundant and pointless. Get jobs and stay off social media. You’ll thank us later. Stop the hate!

Also, when has cancelling someone ever actually worked? You don’t see Danielle and Candice blasting each other online the way their so-called ‘fans’ do. They are professionals and all the shit they get is not fair on them. Whatever words you wanna use to justify the bullying from your shipdom is not evidence. You are not trained journalists or detectives. Leave the actresses alone!

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