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The Secrets She Keeps: The Hunt Is On For The Missing Baby – Episode 4

The hunt is on to finding the missing baby. What happens next?

Continuing on from last episode, Meghan and Jack become frantic as look for their missing baby. Meanwhile Agatha believes she finally has the family she has always dreamed of having. How far will she go to keep up the lie that the baby she plans on raising isn’t actually hers and that she stole him?

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Please caution that this article does contain massive spoilers for the episode!

The Search For The Missing Baby

It doesn’t take long for the missing baby to end up being reported on the evening news. A distraught Meghan speaks with the police while still in hospital while Jack searches the streets for his newborn son. Grace pays her sister a visit and says she’s doing her best in keeping the kids occupied.

A devastated Meghan summons the worst case scenarios while Grace tells her they can’t think like that. She then tells her that Simon arrived at the hospital with a DNA kit the day of the birth. Grace begs her sister to tell the police though she refuses.

Hayden Begins To Wonder And The Press Starts To Talk

Hayden arrives at Agatha’s place to meet his son. However, Agatha still isn’t there and neither is the baby. As he wanders around the house, he goes into her bedroom and finds a locked box.

Outside the hospital, a journalist is on the phone when he spots an exhausted Jack. He rings the desperate father wanting to know if there’s any news on the missing baby. Fortunately, Jack tells him to fuck off when asked if there’s anything he wants to say to the kidnapper.

Grace Confronts Simon And The Police Confiscate Meghan And Jack’s Phones

Simon shows up at the hospital where he’s confronted by Grace who demands to know if he has the baby. He doesn’t know that the baby is missing.

Meanwhile in Meghan’s room, she refuses to give up her phone despite the police saying they need them as evidence. When ask if there would be anyone who wants to harm them, Jack explains that Meghan’s blog has been trolled throughout her entire pregnancy.

The profiler asks if they’ve named the baby. Meghan isn’t thrilled at the idea of having to name their missing child, but says they were thinking of Benjamin.

One of the detectives gets a message and is told that the media has released the family’s names and they need to do a press conference. Meghan doesn’t want to say anything in her state so Jack agrees to do it.

The Press Conference And Hayden Meets His “Son”

Outside the hospital, the cameras flash as Jack addresses the media. In the park where Meghan often convened with her friends, they watch Jack’s appeal in horror and devastation for their friend. Near the duck pond, Agatha is perfectly content with her new baby.

Hayden rings her and says he fit a baby capsule in the car and says he’s wants to pick them up. Agatha says they’ll catch a cab to the flat. Sometime later, she introduces the baby to his “daddy”. Once they’re inside, Hayden asks who Nicky is. Aggie lies and says he’s her uncle.

Hayden asks why she ran away with Agatha saying she didn’t run and that she thought she’d give birth early and that she was scared. While Agatha’s in the shower, he tries to watch the news which is reporting the missing baby.

Agatha points out that she knows Meghan which surprises Hayden who tells her to ring her but she says she wouldn’t know what to say.

The Public Begin Talking, A Desire, And Agatha Struggles

As a new day begins, people start ringing into radio stations to voice their opinions on the case. At the hospital, Meghan goes to pump breast milk but can’t bring herself to do it as Jack stares out the window. She asks if they’ll get Ben back that day.

Agatha struggles to get ‘Rory’ to settle. It’s as if the baby knows she is not his mother.

The Clues To Find Baby Ben And Agatha Has A Nightmare

One of the people investigating the missing baby says there’s a load of reasons why a woman would steal a baby including, not being able to have one of her own or to keep a relationship going though it’s unlikely she’d hurt him.

Agatha has a nightmare of herself rolling over and crushing the baby.

On the news, they play the security footage from the hospital. Hayden’s brother signs that the woman in the video looks like Agatha. While he’s right, he gets dismissed by Hayden.

In the days that go by, the police issue a reward for anyone who can return the baby to his parents. Hayden reckons someone probably stole the baby because some rich people wanted a baby boy.

Hayden takes Agatha and the infant to the maritime museum to show him the lens that a Cole ancestor put in the Tasman Lighthouse in 1905. He tells Agatha that he resigned his commission and wants to get a job closer to home so he can be with his family. He even mentions marriage and living in a lighthouse.

The Troll Gets Caught

At the hospital, the detectives show Meghan and Jack evidence left behind a train of something that belonged to Ben. They say they need one of the parents to give an DNA swab so they can confirm that the evidence is Ben’s.

Wanting to avoid her fling with Simon coming out, Meghan says she’ll issue the DNA.

The male detective gets an alert saying that there’s an inquiry into the troll who has been stalking Meghan’s blog. Meghan and Jack want to go with them, but they can’t. The Police swarm the flat complex across the road from where Agatha lives and arrest the woman who has been trolling Meghan.

Back at the hospital, Meghan is packing her bag to go home when Jack enters and tells her the woman the Police thought kidnapped Ben wasn’t the right one but she did troll her.

Meghan flies into a fury over this as she blames her husband for not making the sure the woman who stole their son, was a real nurse. They later leave the hospital in the back of an unmarked Police car.

The Media Swarm The House As Meghan And Jack Continue To Struggle

Meghan and Jack arrive him and find there’s media outside the house. It’s struggle for them not being able to bring their new baby home. Jack asks what they’re going to tell the kids when they see them the next day.

Meghan checks her emails and finds an email from Agatha saying she’s thinking of her. There’s then a scene where she [Agatha] is holding Ben like she wants nothing more than to kill him.

Nicky Rings And Agatha Agrees To Meet Up With Him

As Agatha is trying to get the baby to sleep, her phone rings and Hayden picks it up. He’s unimpressed but Agatha grabs the phone before he protests.

Taking the phone to a separate room, Agatha and Nicky talk and decide to meet up. After the call ends, Nicky sits reading a story on his table about Baby Ben.

Simon Arrives At The House To Talk About Ben

Meghan is far from impressed that Simon has shown up at the house. He says he’s worries about the baby and that he wants Meghan to include him. Simon attempts to blackmail her by saying he will go to the Police with his concerns if he has to. Meghan tells him to get out but the female detective interrupts.

Hayden Fumes About Nicky

Hayden fumes that she’s going to meet up this guy he’s never heard of. He’s also confused to why the door was shut when Nicky is Aggie’s ‘uncle’.

Aggie argues the baby is asleep.

The Kids Find Out Ben Is Missing

Grace arrives at the house with the kids. Lucy tells her mother that Locky got nits and gave them to her. Their aunt smugly responds that was the one detail she might’ve left out.

Locky notices that Meghan is leaking breast milk and asks why she’s wet. Lucy asks where their new brother is. Jack tries to explain the situation to them the best he can, but Meghan says the baby is missing.

Lucy tells Locky that she heard their grandparents talking about it and that someone stole the baby. Jack explains that the police are looking for him. Meghan tells Locky that the person who stole Ben was very lonely because they couldn’t have a baby.

Meghan collapses in grief on the floor of the nursery asks Jack to leave her alone for a moment.

Agatha Meets With Nicky

Agatha meets with Nicky and shows him photos of the baby. Nicky says that he’s surprised she let her son out of her sight.

Lying, Aggie says she hasn’t been following the story. Nicky asks who answered the phone when he called earlier. He is told it was her boyfriend. He becomes confused, thinking the guy is the father of the child. Agatha says Hayden isn’t the dad.

We finally get a bit of truth as Nicky says he can never keep up with her stories implying she’s a compulsive liar. He then brings up the daughter they lost, Chloe, implying that he is not her stepdad or her uncle but a former lover.

He then starts to questions like where the baby was born, having heard on Facebook that the infant was born in Katoomba. Then he states that the supermarket she was working at was just around the corner from where Ben’s parents live.

Committing Murder

Agatha, knows Nicky is heading for the station. decides that he is asking too many questions and takes matters into her own hands. Hiding her face beneath her hood and hiding amongst the crowd, she pushes Nicky to his death by pushing him in front of a train.

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