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Throwback Thursday: What Happened With The Banana Bread In Australia? RUMOUR

Banana Bread Meghan

What is it with Meghan Markle and Bananas, let alone Banana Bread? So, for those who don’t know, there was a rumour during the 2018 Australia tour. This was regarding the banana bread included at a morning tea in Dubbo, New South Wales.

Now, before we go into it, we have to stress that this is only a RUMOUR.

What Happened With Meghan And The Banana Bread?

So, this rumour comes courtesy of Tumblr.

The rumour is that Meghan had the people who work in the Admiralty House kitchens prepare banana bread for the visit to Dubbo. She would allegedly boss them around and have them do several batches of it until it was to her liking, as it was being created from her supposed recipe. What are the odds she stole the recipe from someone else?

Anyway, what made Meghan’s banana bread “special” was it had chocolate chips and ginger, from what has been said by Women’s Health.

Meghan rejected batch after batch of the stuff. That is a waste material and the final result didn’t look much better (see the feature image).

If Meghan wanted it done in a certain way, why didn’t she do it herself? Oh, right. She’s too important to get her hands dirty. We said something similar about her jam. Meghan, as Tom Bower points out, cannot cook anything outside of hamburgers and roast chicken. Perhaps she should stay in her own lane and just be an influencer flogging her fake victim narrative.

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