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Why Does Poppy Keep Dismissing Luna’s Questions About Her Dad?

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Poppy Nozawa could be keeping a massive baby daddy family secret regarding her daughter, Luna Nozawa’s paternity. She has been incredibly cagey about who her adult child’s father is, and it’s become apparent that whatever she is hiding, it’s big.

There has been speculation that the baby daddy mystery surrounding Luna’s paternity has been pointing at ‘Dollar’ Bill Spencer. However, Poppy has denied that Bill is her daughter’s father. However, according to Luna, her mother shuts down every time she brings the subject up, and she denies that every man that is mentioned is Luna’s dad. So, what gives?

Could Jack Finnegan Be The Baby Daddy? came up with an exciting theory that crossed us as well when the storyline started: Could Jack Finnegan, aka Finn’s father, also be Luna’s dad? There is not a ton of evidence to support this, however.

However, in today’s episode, it is revealed that when Luna was conceived, Poppy lived with Jack and Li. She spent much time with her brother-in-law. Not to mention, there was a passing reference to when Sheila shot Finn and Steffy and left them in the alley. Jack had rang Poppy to tell her what had happened.

Poppy would’ve been in the dark about it if they hadn’t been close. Also, she used emotional manipulation with Luna to get out of having to talk about it, which is odd.

What might’ve happened is that Poppy might’ve slept with Jack around that time. However, she could have slept with Bill, too during the music festival they met at. To make the storyline more dramatic, they’ve made the illusion of her believing that Jack is her daughter’s father. But in reality, Bill is the father. That is what happened when Steffy was pregnant with Hayes. She was lead to believe Liam was Hayes’ father. It emerged later that Vinny, Thomas’ friend had switched the results so Thomas could have a shot with Hope and Liam could play happy families with Steffy again. Finn, obviously, was revealed to be Hayes’ father.

Is This Why Poppy Is Afraid Of Li?

Also, the assumption that Jack is Luna’s father could be why Poppy is scared of Li. She’s been keeping a massive family secret from her sister for 20 years. We need a DNA test to get to the bottom of this, because we’re tired of Li pushing her weight around.

Oh, and another suggestion that has been made is that the married surgeon Poppy was seeing, which almost cost Li her job, could be Luna’s father as well. Though, he is just a nameless individual who doesn’t have much standing in overrall story.

The whole baby daddy storyline is more mind-boggling than usual. Why? It looks like they are using a recurring character and one who has yet to be seen in months to make it more appealing. Also, we all know why Li hates Poppy; Poppy can conceive a child while Li can’t, and she’s never gotten over it. That must be a massive slap in the face for Finn. Anyway, imagine the betrayal if it does come out that Jack is Luna’s father.

Jack’s relationship with Finn is already in the toilet. But it will go down even further if what is being implied is accurate and he is Luna’s father. Though, how would that affect his relationship with Luna and Poppy?

Relationship Change?

Finn hasn’t seen his aunt in years, and he and Luna have become close again after spending years apart due to Li’s interference. His relationship with those two might not change at all, though he will have gained a sibling, something he never had before.

To make it even more mindblowing, if Jack is Luna’s father, it would mean that Luna and Finn are half-siblings in the biological sense and cousins in the adoptive sense. Another aspect we need to consider is how much Li might have known about this. It’s unlikely, given she would’ve left Jack long ago if she’d learned that her husband was sleeping with her sister.

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