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Chronicles Of Harkle: Juicy (Alleged) Secrets, Doctor Closes Down Clinic + More

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In my previous CoH article, I mentioned that Exposing SMG had uncovered some juicy secrets about Harry and Meghan. We mentioned some of them, but we wanted to cover a few more of what they have discovered. I’ll provide my thoughts on much of our discussion, so please remember this is my opinion. Am I being biased? No. I am merely reporting and giving my thoughts on it, so please don’t think I believe everything in this post because I do not.

So, let’s begin with the alleged OBGYN that shut down her clinic. What’s odd about this story is that it happened suddenly. You would not believe the theories that have come out about this. Also, I want to mention that every time Exposing SMG is mentioned in this article, the information comes from the above link. I don’t want to create a spamming problem, which is why I’m not including the link several times.

The OBGYN Who Shut Down Her Clinic Without Warning

So, as I mentioned, the doctor who allegedly delivered Meghan and Harry’s daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, has shut down her practice. This was bought up by the Daily Mail. So, what do we know about this? The doctor’s name is Melissa Drake, and she catered to pregnant women in the Santa Barbara area. She has cited her health and wanting to “spend time with her family”, according to an Instagram post.

It is alleged that her patients are not happy to have been given little notice. There is something off about this, and many people have pointed this out. If she was leaving her practice for health reasons, she could’ve hired someone to step in for her until she was ready to return. The post was uploaded on May 14th, which only gave her patients about six weeks to find new doctors.

Also, does anyone find it odd that no one knew who Meghan’s OBGYN was until this story came out? Meghan has always said, “My kids are not public property, so back off” something like that. Not to mention, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote in Finding Freedom that a particular UK doctor oversaw Archie’s birth, but the doctor’s husband allegedly came out and said his wife did NOT deliver Archie as she wasn’t working that day.

Could it be possible that Doctor Drake has some juicy secrets about Lilibet that she doesn’t want to get out? Anything is a possibility here. We’ve also questioned whether Meghan secretly gave birth.

My Thoughts – Are There Juicy Secrets?

I agree with what people have been saying about this happening quickly. Though, I want to ask, why is this suddenly coming up? The doctor’s name wasn’t made public at the time of Lili’s birth. So, first off. How do people know Doctor Drake delivered Lili? Did Meghan or someone close to her leak the information?

We know that Lili’s birth certificate is majorly off because a parent cannot put a foreign title on a US birth certificate; at least in California, you can’t. What’s more, this is similar to when Grimes and Elon Musk tried to use foreign characters on their son’s certificate but couldn’t, so they had to alter his name slightly.

Could it be possible that people started questioning whether Doctor Drake was allegedly issuing fake birth certificates? Signing off on births that didn’t happen? It’s entirely possible, but I want to know why Doctor Drake didn’t get called out when the alleged fake birth certificate was released?

Now, what do I believe? There might be a few different reasons Doctor Drake is closing the clinic. Do I buy the whole health and spending time with her family thing? No, I don’t because it’s too generic.

Meghan Was Telling A Truth During The Oprah Winfrey Interview

Okay, now we’re going to get the juicy secrets we mentioned Exposing SMG revealed in their latest H+M post. So, Meghan WAS telling the truth when she claimed she wanted to commit suicide. ESMG reveals that she had a complex time moulding to royal life.

However, what is not said is whether she was suicidal while pregnant with Archie, as she claimed to Oprah. Though it needs to be pointed out that she blames the family for her issues, I want to stress that she bought the issues on herself as she wanted the royals to bend to her rules rather than ask for help in adapting to theirs. We know that multiple people were called in to assist her.

One of these individuals was Samantha Cohen, who had worked for the Queen for almost twenty years. She was on the verge of retiring when Her Majesty asked her to help Meghan. She agreed as she has a strong work ethic, and the Queen knew this.

Exposing SMG’s source calls Meghan “mentally unstable.” I agree, as she’s excellent at hiding it from everyone except Harry. That brings me to the next part of this conversation. So, when they met, Meghan allegedly told Harry about her mental struggles. Also, Exposing SMG makes clear that Markle created a story where no one had problems, but she did and blamed everyone else for her issues.

The Juicy Secrets Get Better – Love Bombing, Drugs And Cosplay

This is my favourite of the juicy secrets in the first part because Meghan opened up to Harry while cosplaying his mother. There was also plenty of love bombing going too. Remember all the times I mentioned that Meghan wore Diana’s favourite perfume as part of her love bombing routine, as quoted by Samantha Markle? Well, Exposing SMG revealed this is true. They also say that it’s hard to believe she didn’t have a plan to snag Harry and then claims she didn’t know anything about the royals when her childhood pals said she had an obsession with Diana.

Going back to Meghan’s unstableness, she allegedly went down the route a heap of celebrities down, and that’s self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. Now, I’ve suspected she’d done drugs for a while.

juicy secrets
[Credit: Twitter – Yacht Girl]

As far as I’m aware, Meghan isn’t a smoker. The above photos were taken when she was still in Suits allegedly and was on vacation with her then-best friend, Jessica Mulroney. It’s possible that she is smoking weed. Exposing SMG mentions that she allegedly doesn’t do hard drugs but does weed and is rumoured to do cocaine. In the pictures above, it seems like she has a wine bottle in her hand.

Later in Exposing SMG’s post, they mention when Meghan went for that pap walk with a then-infant Archie that she sued over, she was off her head. This would explain why Archie looked awkward in the baby carrier and why it was hanging off her shoulder.

Meghan Is Violent

We’ve all heard about Meghan throwing tea at someone in Australia and how she threw a tantrum when she and Harry didn’t get the whole of Admiralty house. But, what’s more, her violent streak is genuine. The bullying allegations are the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.

When Exposing SMG’s source says “violent”, it’s out of this world bad. She throws things (as evident with the tea), screams like a banshee and does everything else you can imagine she’d do. I fear for the staff; I do. Look at what allegedly happened at Tyler Perry’s house for more.

Exposing SMG also says that they believe that Meghan refuses to adapt to other countries’ rules but wants everyone else to shape themselves around whatever her expectations are. Moreover, this comes from her marrying Harry and having a covert title.

The Sussex Marriage Is No Fairytale

This next topic has never surprised me. Exposing SMG says that the Sussex marriage is no fairytale. From all the photos of a miserable and downtrodden Harry we’ve seen over the years while Meghan grins like the Cheshire cat, it was apparent the union isn’t smooth sailing. Was I there? I can see the comments on Twitter now. No, I was not, but I trust the information. See, dear Squaddies, I believe in facts. If more than one person says it, I believe it. You can hate me all you want, but you’re only giving me more views.

So anyway, Exposing SMG backs up what the Theresa Longo fan page said about there being no divorce. The marriage is all the pair have going for them as they have no talents outside of lying about the royals. So essentially, at this point, Harry and Meghan are using each other. He wanted to get married, and she wanted fame and fortune. It seems like a match in heaven, right? In their fragile minds, perhaps.

ESMG says they’ve been told Meghan is looking for someone richer than Harry. Again, this doesn’t surprise me. I agree when Exposing SMG says that Meghan will not be able to snag a billionaire as nothing tops being a royal spouse. I cannot see any man with billions ever becoming entrapped in Meghan’s bullshittery.

Harry only has himself to blame for burning through his inheritance. God only knows what will happen when he turns forty.

Meghan Is Like Emperor Sheev Palpatine

Meghan has backup plans upon backup plans. A comparison I can think of is Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. The man had like a dozen backups during his lifetime and after he died to ensure he would live on forever. Markle is the same. If her marriage to Harry doesn’t stand the test of time, which we know it won’t, she can switch to another plan.

Also, it doesn’t help when all their financial endeavours, such as Netflix and Spotify, haven’t worked out. We know Pearl isn’t going ahead, and there’s supposed to be an announcement about one of the deals before the month is out.

Exposing SMG also says that it’s alleged Meghan attempted to flirt with David Foster’s wealthy friends. Yeah, not a good move for her when it didn’t go over at all with them. Why he and Katharine are still friends with her is beyond me. The reason why the Sussexes have made such bad investments is because of Meghan and Harry’s need to follow her lead. This has led to the production houses wanting to cut ties with them.

At this point, I don’t think we’ll ever see any of the content they have announced. As we said earlier, Pearl is dead in the water. It’s almost the end of June, and Archetypes hasn’t come out yet. It had one teaser and nothing else.

Harry’s Spiritual Connection With His Mother

So, as we reach the last set of juicy secrets is something that has come out recently. UK tabloid, The Mirror has reported in the last 24 hours that Harry doesn’t do anything without consulting his mother’s spirit. Oh, boy. If he wasn’t crazy before this, he is now. His constant need to use his mother’s memory to get ahead is not good for anyone. He forgets that he is not the only person who lost Diana that dreadful night in Paris. William lost a mother too. Their Uncle Charles, and Aunts Sarah and Jane lost their sister.

I’ve mentioned before that Meghan’s obsession with Diana is not doing anyone any favours, especially Harry. I can only imagine what Diana’s siblings must say every time their nephew appears in the news. It must be incredibly embarrassing for them to see their sister’s memory be trampled upon by her own son.

Not to mention, it would be an eye-roll moment for William if he were to see this. His brother went from wanting to talk about their mother to do it everyday to remain relevant. Tom Bower’s book also mentions that Harry saw his mother embodying Meghan but no one else could, especially the Spencer family.

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