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The New Percy Jackson Books In 2023

new percy jackson book 2023

As we approach the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ series launch, we thought we’d look through the new Percy Jackson book releases from 2023. Rick Riordan has been a very busy man this year.

So, let’s go over the new Percy Jackson books that were released in 2023. This information is courtesy of Read Riordan.

Before we begin the post, we will ONLY be talking about Rick Riordan’s new books and rereleases, not the other books in the Read Riordan catalogue.

Camp Half-Blood Series

  • The Sun and the Star: A Nico DiAngelo Adventure – co-written by Mark Oshiro – released in May 2023
  • Chalice of the Gods (the sixth Percy Jackson book… sorta… also Standalone) – released in September 2023
  • Heroes of Olympus: Mark of Olympus – graphic novel 3 – released in September 2023

Rerelease Books – Companions for Disney+ Percy Jackson And The Olympian Television Series

  • Camp Half-Blood Confidential – new cover
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – television tie-in cover with images from the show
  • The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel – television tie-in cover

Are There Any New Percy Jackson Books Coming In 2024?

Yes! There are new Percy Jackson books coming in 2024.

The sequel to The Chalice of the Gods, which will be titled Wrath of the Triple Goddess, will be released in September 2024. There might be other books, but we can’t find anything else. We may do an update post on this later. But let’s enjoy our books and the series when it comes out on December 20.

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