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Who Is Clarisse La Rue In Percy Jackson?

Clarisse La Rue, Percy Jackson

Don’t mess with the children of Ares, the god of war, especially Clarisse La Rue. When Percy Jackson shows up at Camp Half-Blood, Clarisse is essentially the demigod version of Nancy Bobofit. She’s the bully at Camp and has been the head counsellor of the Ares cabin for a disclosed amount of time.

Her mother is Ms La Rue, but that’s all we know about her as you might’ve guessed, her father is Ares.

Clarisse frequently targets Percy Jackson when he shows up at Camp. She quickly realises that he’s not someone to mess with, especially when it’s revealed that his father is one of the Big Three. She also has some control over Annabeth Chase, who is forced to stand back and watch as the daughter of Ares attempts to dunk Percy’s head down a toilet.

Mutual Respect

As time passes, Clarisse La Rue and Percy don’t like each other but don’t hate each other either. Clarisse is firmly on the side of her father, Ares, but deep down has respect for Jackson. Percy also feels the same about Clarisse.

Towards the tail end of the series, Clarisse La Rue starts dating Chris Rodriguez. She becomes worried about him when he joins Kronos’ army and what happens to him as a result. Her best friend is the daughter of Aphrodite, Silena Beauregard.

Clarisse La Rue CAN Be Maternal

During the Heroes of Olympus series, it is revealed that Coach Gleeson Hedge is the satyr that found Clarisse and took her to Camp Half-Blood. They are so close that he and his Aura wife Mellie ask her to be the godmother of their son, Chuck Hedge. That makes this fascinating as is that it shows that La Rue does have a tender and somewhat maternal side as she is overly protective of the baby.

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