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Who Is Ethan Nakamura In Percy Jackson?

Ethan Nakamura, Percy Jackson

Ethan Nakamura is a demigod son of the minor Greek Goddess Nemesis and is a minor Percy Jackson character. He was also part of the Titan Army, co-led by the demigod son of Hermes, Luke Castellan and the King of the Titans, Kronos, during the second Olympian War. Realising that the fight wasn’t what it was advertised as Ethan betrayed Kronos’ army and was killed.

The demigod son of Nemesis appeared in three Percy Jackson books: Battle of Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. Though, he shows up in the Sea of Monsters movie. He also appears in the companion book, The Demigod Files.

Curiously, Ethan Nakamura’s death inspired Percy Jackson’s decision to demand all gods claim their children by a certain age. Percy also requested that cabins be made for non-Olympians at Camp Half-Blood, clearing space in the Hermes cabin.

Like most Greek demigods, Ethan Nakamura arrived at Camp Half-Blood with a satyr but ended up in the Hermes’ cabin, unclaimed by his immortal parent. Understandably, this made him increasingly bitter. When Kronos started regaining his strength, Ethan joined him alongside many other demigods, who felt the same way he did.

Ethan eventually met his mother, who took his left eye, which he then covered with an eyepatch. What’s ironic is Nemesis’ domain is balance.

Nakamura also received mentions after his death. In the Heroes of Olympus book, Mark of Athena, Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque talk with Nemesis when she mentions she took Ethan’s left eye. Meanwhile, Percy Jackson brings him up in the Trials of Apollo book, The Hidden Oracle.

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