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Bruce Lehrmann Strikes Again In Another Rape Case

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Brittany Higgins might not have gotten the justice she wanted during her rape case against Bruce Lehrmann, but another woman might. According to the Brisbane Times, the former liberal staffer, once accused of raping Brittany Higgins, was charged with raping a woman in Toowoomba in October 2021.

Lehrmann’s identity was not allowed to be revealed for some time. As per the Brisbane Times article, he was fighting to keep his name out of the media. However, a new law passed by the Queensland government now allows rapists’ names to be revealed before their trials.

The alleged victim told police in November 2021 about the alleged crime, which had allegedly occurred when he was due to stand trial over the Brittany Higgins rape case. According to the victim, she and Bruce Lehrmann had had consensual sex, but he removed the condom before proceeding to rape her twice.

Lehrmann has denied he did anything wrong in both the Toowoomba rape case and the Higgins rape case. He also tried to sue several people, including Brittany Higgins and Lisa Wilkinson, for defamation.

Bruce Lehrmann’s Second Rape Case

Bruce Lehrmann was due to stand trial a second time over raping Brittany Higgins. This trial was scrapped due to her fragile mental health.

The Toowoomba case is ongoing. He was charged with rape in January 2023. During the case, 19 months’ worth of mobile phone data was looked at, with the prosecutor saying the data ran for thousands of pages.

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