Who Is Lying? A New Mind-Boggling Claim In The Brittany Higgins-Bruce Lehrmann Saga

Brittany, Bruce, police file

What started turned into a circus of he said, she said. Now, the Daily Mail is reporting that Brittany Higgins might not be as innocent as she makes out to be. According to the police file, the former liberal staffer had allegedly been ‘counselled multiple times for lying’. It also claims she had had an affair with a fellow staffer. It is alleged Brittany and the ‘alleged staffer lover’ had sex in the office of Linda Reynolds. This is the same place where it is alleged that Bruce Lehrmann raped Higgins in early 2019.

Brittany has done sitdown interviews with news.com.au and veteran journalist Lisa Wilkinson. In them, she relived her experience of being raped by Bruce that horrific night. The rape trial saw Lehrmann vindicated from his crime. He then sued Channel 10, Wilkinson, Higgins, and News Corp for defamation.

If the Daily Mail story is correct, then Brittany will be in serious trouble. Her credibility will be forever tainted. Moreover, Shane Drumgold, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions, has torn strips off the Australian Federal Police in an inquiry into how they handled the Bruce Lehrmann case, as per Pedestrian.

Not Enough Evidence TO Charge Bruce And The Alleged Actions Of Brittany

According to what Pedestrian is reporting, the email went to Drumgold in June 2021, so he called for the inquiry. He alleges that it became apparent that the police tried to resist charging Bruce with raping Brittany. However, Shane alleges, there was enough evidence to charge Luhrmann with the offence.

As the entire world knows, Luhrmann has always said he never touched Higgins, maintaining his innocence. The rape trial was aborted before it was thrown out. Detective Superintendent Scott Moller wrote in his covering letter for what became known as the Moller Report, “The investigation has identified a number of concerns regarding this matter to date including inconsistencies in disclosure, credibility concerns.”

Per a briefing with the police, it is claimed that Higgins manipulated the situation while being “uncooperative and evasive.” This was allegedly when she refused to give up her phone before having to do as she was asked. In addition, the Pedestrian article alleges that in the Notes app of Brittany’s phone, she had entries of mantras alluding to her being a victim. There were even Google searches asking how to end one’s life.

The report also states, thanks to a police interview, that Brittany did not go to the hospital after the alleged rape. It also reveals that she has a history of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

Corrupted Police Force With Sexist Views?

Drumgold then accuses the police of attempting to obstruct the case Brittany had placed against Bruce. Moreover, Detective Inspector Boorman, who was involved in the case, became frustrated when, as mentioned earlier, Brittany didn’t hand over her phone when asked. It was the assumption that if she were telling the truth about what happened, she would have given the police access to her phone immediately.

It is hard to work out whether the police were complacent in wanting to bring Luhrmann to justice or if they wished for Brittany to take the fall. Other factors include what Higgins was wearing, which would reinforce the stereotype that “oh, she dressed scantily, so she was asking for it.”

If this were the mindset of the Federal Police, then they need to reevaluate how they review their sexual assault cases. Their way of thinking is outdated and, therefore, unbecoming of people who should be protecting the community instead of trying to prove something that isn’t entirely truthful or didn’t happen.

This is not saying that Brittany or Bruce are lying, but it does raise serious questions about the conduct of the police force. Many civilians don’t trust that the boys in blue can do their jobs and therefore don’t like them and see them as dangerous.

The Mystery – Who Is Telling The Truth?

There was always something odd about the case from the beginning—the coverup from Parliament and likely. Then, Lisa Wilkinson’s involvement and the ego she developed when the interview was a massive hit, and she got a Logie.

The entire she said, he said saga has been messy from the beginning. This is not an article where anyone is going to be blamed. We’re only looking at the facts as we see them. This is not an opinion piece. Nor is it speculative. Though, we do want to throw this in. What are the odds that the rape didn’t happen and Bruce saw Brittany having an affair with their coworker and threatened to expose her? If you think about it, it’s possible. Again, not speculating here.

In conclusion, both Brittany and Bruce are in the wrong for whatever reason. The police file that has been dug up could be the beginning of yet another media circus that could prove suitable for one of them and yet, bad for the other, or it could be terrible for them both.

Also, Drumgold said that the police were looking to not charge Bruce, despite there being enough evidence to do so. Whatever the case, it’s only gotten messier. Luhrmann’s reputation is already in the toilet. Brittany’s might not be salvageable, either.

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