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Who Is Clive Rothwell? Meet Belle Gibson’s Former Partner

Clive Rothwell, Belle Gibson

Belle Gibson is the notorious cancer fraudster who cannot stop lying and seems allergic to the truth. However, did anyone sit back and think about how she got to go on all those luxury holidays with her son? That’s where Clive Rothwell comes into the picture.

There is not a ton of information about this guy other than he is likely her former partner, who has been funding her lifestyle.

According to a 2019 Daily Mail article, it is believed that he was paying all of Belle Gibson’s bills after she was exposed as a fraud. The piece also states that Belle allegedly claimed that she didn’t know what Clive Rothwell’s job was.

Also, it came out that Belle had been supported by government payments (Centrelink) and that there was no way the money she was getting from Centrelink could support her lifestyle. She was not supported financially by her family.

Clive Rothwell: Who The Hell Is He?

Clive Rothwell lived with Belle Gibson and her son for a long time. Moreover, he became almost like a pseudo-father figure to the boy.

Mamamia did their best to do their own breakdown on Clive. Why? Well… his name came up in Belle’s court case… a lot. They couldn’t find much outside the domains, for the Whole Pantry and The Whole Life were registered under Clive Rothwell’s name. They also reference another Clive. Rich man Clive Palmer, which isn’t exactly relevant, but good to know. Oh and Rothwell also likes to cycle.

The media also alleged to have referred to Clive as Belle Gibson’s fiancé’. Belle allegedly owes Clive $90k.

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