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Babes Against Bullshit: The Problem With Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher has gone too far just to make himself relevant…

Okay, normally I wouldn’t comment on the Ray Fisher situation, because I really don’t care about him or Joss Whedon, as I’ve written before. However, I felt this time it could not be ignored this time. For those who might not know, the actor who is best known for playing Victor Stone/Cyborg in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the very controversial Justice League.

However, in recent months, he has come out accusing Zack Snyder’s replacement on JL reshoots [Whedon] of ‘gross misconduct’ and he has gone on to accuse the head of DC Entertainment, Walter Hamada and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of turning a blind eye to the behaviour.

Though, there’s a large issue with that. Walter Hamada wasn’t even involved with DC Entertainment until after reshoots on Justice League were completed. He entered the picture in January 2018. The theatrical cut of JL that Whedon completed was released in November 2017. He had no involvement in the film at all.

The film’s producers, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg allegedly let Whedon get away his disgusting behaviour. This is what Ray Fisher has said. Now, I believe the stuff about Joss one hundred percent. It’s no secret he’s problematic, however, I don’t think the two producers who were in charge of DC Films before Hamada entered the picture are guilty of anything.

Why I Don’t Believe The Allegations Against Johns And Berg

Now, the issue with Ray Fisher and his allegations is he has not actually produced any form of evidence to support what he has been saying. He says he has tea, but in the six months since he dropped these allegations, nothing has been released, despite him saying he would.

What frustrates me about Ray Fisher is that he has been acting since 2008 and he has only appeared in soon-to-be six projects. What does that tell you? He is trying throw two producers under the bus because he didn’t get a bigger role in Justice League. Also, since the allegations surfaced, there has been no one come out to back up the claims.

Jason Momoa who plays Aquaman in the DCEU has come out saying that stuff did go down on the set of the Justice League reshoots, according to Variety. But, he didn’t mention Johns or Berg. Neither did Gal Gadot when she was asked as per 9Honey. She said she’s glad Ray Fisher spoke his truth, thought she said she wasn’t on the set at the same time. However, she did say she had her own issues with Whedon.

Gadot was very strategic with the way she spoke. She never mentioned Johns or Berg. It should be noted also, that Geoff co-wrote the screenplay of Wonder Woman 1984.

Not to mention, no one who has worked with Johns has come out against him. One of those people is Shawn McBee, the graphic designer on Stargirl. He spoke out on Twitter when clickbait creator, Grace Randolph posted a video (which I haven’t seen and won’t be posting here) that the entire cast of the show hates Geoff.

[Credit: Twitter – @StargirlPod]

Thoughts On Shawn’s Opinion

Now, I personally believe Shawn when he says this. I have listened to the Stargirl Aftershow and it is a fantastic listen. He and his co-host Sarah break down each episode of Stargirl and he issues out pieces of trivia as he works on the show.

He also puts to rest worries people have. The biggest example is when Stargirl got renewed for its second season and there were ‘issues’ when it was announced the show would only air on The CW. He assured viewers that everything would be the same as Season 1 but stressed that Sophomore seasons of all shows cost less than a first because there’s few things they need to make; i.e. costumes and sets.

Shawn also doesn’t put up with any bullshit and he’ll call out people out if he he has to. I would believe his word over Ray Fisher in regards to Geoff. He has said that his boss is a great guy who knows his stuff. After all, he [Geoff] was mentored by Richard Donner.

Stargirl Cast Have Great Things To Say About Geoff

Ray Fisher claims that Geoff screamed at him during the reshoots of Justice League. I doubt this happened. The film’s production was full of toxicity during reshoots so the stress would’ve gotten to anyone. Going back to the Stargirl situation, a lot of cast including Brec Bassinger (Courtney), Meg DeLacy (Cindy), Hunter Sansone (Cameron), Neil Jackson (Jordan), and Nelson Lee (Dragon King) have all said Johns is a great guy.

Also, Neil and Nelson worked with him on Blade: The Series fifteen years ago. Why would they say good things if it wasn’t true? Yes, they have careers they have to protect but in the age of social media, they could just say he’s not and be done with it.

Going back to Shawn, to prove his point that the cast don’t hate Geoff, he posted the extended interview from Meg DeLacy who has high praise for him.

My Issue With Ray Fisher

It’s clear to me that there’s a reason why Ray Fisher has not released any dirt on the situation is because he doesn’t HAVE any. As hard as that might be for his fans, to hear, it’s true. Yes, there was an investigation and stuff would’ve had to be kept silent under wraps, but that’s beside the point.

He is just upset because he didn’t have a huge part in Justice League and he’s blaming the producers for something that likely didn’t happen. Ray Fisher likes to think he is a bigger deal than the other cast. You don’t see Gal Gadot flaunting the fact she is the only woman who plays a major part in the film.

Also, if Ray Fisher were a big star, more of the cast and crew would’ve come out to defend him. You don’t have Amy Adams, Ben Affleck or Ezra Miller (who is problematic too) saying anything. Whether they choose to stay out of the situation for whatever reason or they simply don’t know anything, that’s their choice.

Also, WarnerMedia ruled that there was nothing dodgy going on, but they’re likely taking the high road, regarding Whedon. They realised they screwed, but they’re choosing not to say anything because it should be used against them. Again, just my view.

There is so much I could say about this situation but I don’t want to stoke the fires either more. I’ve been taught to trust in the facts and Ray Fisher has been too vague with his allegations. He has chosen to throw Geoff Johns and Jon Berg under the bus without letting any evidence go public. Blaming Walter Hamada to the wolves should tell people what type of person he [Fisher] is.

Final Thoughts

Now, I don’t care if he’s black. I would have the same feelings if this was a white man. Ray Fisher is a man who thinks people will just believe him at his word because he is one of the stars of one of biggest film franchises which failed big time. Zack Snyder tried to create a franchise to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Honestly, I could less about Cyborg and not because it’s Ray Fisher. I never liked the character in Doom Petrol that much or in anything Teen Titans related. He’s a character I don’t really care for. While people make him out to be a bigger deal than he really, I will never know.

Before all you #IStandWithRayFisher groupies flood my Twitter account, I have nothing against black characters. A lot of my favourite characters, not just in comics, but in other things are black too.

I love any character played by Raven-Symoné. I grew up with Eddie Murphy movies, Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman, amongst others. This whole situation has NOTHING to do with the colour of someone’s skin. It has to do with their personality and ego.

Finally, this is no different to the Amber Heard situation. She had an axe to grind with Johnny Depp and said she was a victim of domestic violence. In reality, her ex-husband was her victim, NOT her abuser.

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