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The Australia Day Debacle And Supermarkets That Refuse To Stock Australia Day Merch – OPINION

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What the heck? The supermarkets are caving to the mob who want Australia Day moved to another date by not stocking merch while still stocking Diwali (the biggest holiday for those who are Hindu) products on a small shelf.

According to SBS, Woolworths and Big W announced they would not be stocking Australia merch due to a ‘lack of interest’. As per, Aldi has also followed suit. However, Coles will stock a limited amount of items. However, Kmart will not stock Australia Day items.

Stores such as Ronis are still stocking Australia Day merch.

There are also a lot of online stores who stock Australia Day merch. Examples include:

This is just a sample of the online retailers that have Australia Day products. But it’s not the same as people would prefer to go physically into a store to buy things for their annual parties.

Also, what is wrong with just supplying select items? A large selection of products isn’t necessary if the decline has become huge. Not to mention, do the big franchises not realise that not every person agrees that the Australia Day date should be changed? Most see the day as an additional day off before work kicks into high gear in February.

Why should supermarkets be forced to accommodate the minority of people who don’t care for the event? In conclusion, a small section should be dedicated to Australia Day when the event rolls around. They will keep getting backlash because not all people think alike.

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