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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe And Her Problematic Waffling


Zoe is just as good at waffling as Liam is…

Okay, Zoe is a waffling queen and it was obvious from the moment Zende rolled back into town. Her attention was divided between him and Carter but she ended up choosing the Forrester Creations COO. This broke the fashion designer’s heart, but he quickly moved onto her younger sister, Paris who is new in town.

At first the waffling queen was happy to see Paris. However, as time went on, Zoe noticed that people were starting to take notice, especially Zende.

Zoe didn’t like this and suddenly became hostile towards her sister and took offence whenever someone bought up the idea fo Paris working at Forrester Creations. We, the audience, know the truth. She’s jealous of the attention her sibling is getting from her secret crush. That’s all there is to it. Her waffling could become difficult when someone works out why she’s being so fickle about having her little sis working at Forrester.

Here’s the thing, though. Zoe has gotten everything she has ever wanted and she just expected Zende to wait for her. This has nothing to do with Paris. Not by a long shot and someone – ANYONE – is going to see that.

It has gotten to the point where it should be obvious to SOMEONE that she’s not really into Carter and more into Zende. However, as fans will know by now, two weeks worth of episodes can take place over the course of one day.

Paris Calls Zoe’s Bluff

Now, there’s no denying that Paris is pretty damn smart. She knows when her sister is hiding something and is not afraid to call her out. Good on her, we say! She has heard every excuse Zoe has made for her not to be working with the Forrester Foundation and for her not to be around Zende.

Zoe says that Zende is recently divorced [from Nicole] and is rebounding and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Paris then calls her own and says that it’s okay for her [Zoe] to go from Xander to Thomas to Carter but it’s not okay for her to be with a guy who has just come out of a marriage? Talk about double standards.

Okay, Zoe is not looking out for her sister like she is claiming and it’s obvious. It’s becoming clear to Paris that there is something more going on and all she is getting is piled on excuses.

Also, Zoe’s right when she says that she protecting ‘her world’ as in her job at Forrester. But, she’s not doing it for the reasons she wants Paris to believe. Not to mention, her sister is not a model and isn’t into fashion so why she is so worried about her stealing the spotlight? She would be working in a totally different department. Not even related.

The Zende Dilemma

Paris is right to be confused as to why her blossoming relationship with Zende has anything to do with Zoe. She then said it could be because she is jealous.

Zoe’s response to this is totally immature: “Hardly.” Ah, huh. Sure. Keep telling yourself that, Miss Model. The worse part of all this? She brags that she has her dream job and guy who happens to be the COO of the company. However, the way she says it is forced and Paris can hear it in her voice. She also keeps bringing up Carter’s job title. Why would she do this? It’s like she doesn’t think it’s good enough for her. It’s not even important and is NOT the point.

Hmmm…. we wonder….

Yep, there it is. Paris calls her sister out on the idea that she’s only with Carter for his title and being at Forrester because the family that runs the company has money. In a nutshell? She’s saying Zoe only cares about the highlife and for being money-hungry.

Zoe snaps back at her and says that she [Paris] is parading around the building long enough so that Ridge will offer her a job. She even accuses Paris of trying to ‘land’ Zende. Pot meet kettle.

Go Paris! Stand up to that sister of yours!

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