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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope And Finn Are Right! Liam And Steffy Still Want Each Other

Hope and Finn know about Liam and Steffy’s infidelity and it’s about to get even more uglier…

You reap what you sow and Liam and Steffy are in the hot seat with their significant others. Hope and Finn now know about their infidelity and they’re both heartbroken and seething. Honestly, we not sure what’s worse. The betrayal has strung both of them and it was only a matter of time before they let fly with their feelings on the situation.

Finn walks into Steffy’s house and finds Liam looking at the photo on the wall. The look of absolute hatred on his face was enough to scare even us. His anger is understandable as his now-pregnant girlfriend admitted to infidelity and that the child she’s carrying might not be his.

There’s no denying Finn would make a fantastic father. He treats Kelly like she’s his own. However, how far his relationship with Steffy will go now that she’s pregnant. If she hadn’t slept with Liam, he would be really happy that he’s finally going to be a dad, but the situation is a whole lot more complicated.

Hope is fuming and when she comes face-to-face with Steffy for the first time since she slept with Liam. What was all levels upsetting is when Brooke noticed something was up and her daughter just brushed her off.

Finn Is Right To Accuse Liam Of Wanting Steffy

From the beginning, Finn has been clear about his feelings for Steffy but the infidelity between her and Liam has him seeing red. While he’s still shell-shocked that she cheated and is pregnant, it’s her ex-husband he goes after and he has every right to.

As we stated before, he was not happy to see Liam at Steffy’s house. He also accuses him of wanting his ex-wife and that he was looking for any excuse to go back to her. Finn is very much right and previous dialogue between the former couple verifies this.

Liam and Steffy have said in previous episodes that they both often wonder what it would be like if they were together again. Just hearing this be repeated makes us wanna bang our heads on the keyboard.

Steffy’s unwillingness to acknowledge her true feelings for Liam have even been called out by Ridge. Even Thomas has said she still loves her ex-husband because she still has that god forsaken photo on the wall of her living room. This was even bought by Hope during her confrontation with Steffy later in yesterday’s episode.

Finn’s accusations don’t surprise Liam in the slightly as he knows he screwed up in breaking his vows to Hope. The hot, scorned doc even calls Bill’s son out for wanting his ex-wife back when though he knew she was in a committed relationship.

That pissed off look on Finn’s perfect face will be forever etched into our brains.

Hope Pulls A Brooke On Steffy

Go Hope! She calls Steffy out in the most perfect of ways. She basically pulls a Brooke who would use the “You’re *insert crime here* MY husband.” It was unexpected but amazing to see that she’s not naive to the fact her stepsister still harbours feelings for Liam.

Hope is not going to allow a decade worth of history between the three of them stop her from getting her dream man stolen from her. We personally think she deserves way better and needs a husband who will not waffle the way Liam does.

Seeing her put Steffy in her place was AMAZING. Back in the day, she would just allow her on-off stepsister wall all over her. Now, she is a true woman. She’s powerful and not allowing anyone to take what they don’t deserve. Hope is stronger than she gives herself credit for. Once upon a time she was afraid to call her rival out. Now, she’s willing to do what is right to ensure that she doesn’t lose yet again.

Hope has lost a LOT to Steffy. She even had to take Beth back after she was ‘sold’ to her stepsister (unknowingly) by Reese Buckingham as part of his scam. This was not a pretty sight.

After all, Steffy wanted to keep Beth and said Hope could be ‘kind of a mother’ to her. Yeah, not gonna happen. There was screaming about how the Logan heiress was not Ridge’s daughter’s surrogate. Then there was tears as the Forrester co-CEO broke down in her father’s arms as the new family walked out the door of the cliff house.

The Portrait On The Wall

The last couple of episodes have made reference to the portrait of Steffy and Liam on the wall. Finn mentioned it then Hope. Both responded in a negative fashion given they had just been told of an infidelity that happened between their partners.

While we cannot recall what Finn said about it, we’re just glad someone else outside of Thomas mentioned it. Though, we DO remember what Hope said and it hand rubbing goodness.

In her venomous monologue, Hope says that Steffy never had the decency to take the portrait of her and Liam down. She even spits that it was NEVER about Kelly seeing her parents together. It is about the Forrester heiress’ unyielding desire to have a man that was never hers to begin with.

The look on Steffy’s face just takes us straight back to the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor era. She doesn’t like being told the truth and that’s EXACTLY what Hope was giving her.

Hope Doesn’t Swoop Down To Taylor’s Level

Hope didn’t swoop down to Taylor’s level when calling Steffy out for her infidelity with her husband. She could’ve but chose not to because she didn’t want to repeat the cycle that their mothers started all those years ago.

She was referring to the slut-shaming Taylor would do to Brooke every time they crossed paths. Here’s the thing, though. Yes, the Logan matriarch slept with every man under the sun. However, it was the shrink who went after a committed Ridge to begin with.

Steffy did exactly the same thing all those years ago. She had a crush on Liam but only got her claws into him when he saved her from drowning. This is how the whole the thing started. Also, he couldn’t turn her down because she was willing to give him what he wanted; sex when Hope wouldn’t at the time.

Hope’s defence of her marriage is admirable at best. She sees Steffy and Liam’s infidelity as something will break her marriage and rightfully so. If the baby is her husband’s then the whole thing should be over and permanently.

Liam Is The Lesser Of Two Evils

Finn makes an excellent point of how Liam has tried to sabotage his relationship with Steffy. The Spencer heir didn’t like someone new coming into his ex-wife’s life and valuing her as a human being.

The doc is doing the right thing to a degree. It needs to be stressed that Finn should be more upset with Steffy since she cheated on him. Could it be because the baby she’s carrying might be his and he doesn’t want to lose his potential baby mama. Fair enough, right? Yes, but there’s something else going on.

It’s clear Finn doesn’t see Liam as too much of a threat because he could’ve decked him if he wanted. He at least has self-control but his rival has none and it’s nice to see someone call Spencer out on that.

We can’t wait to see what Wyatt says about it. Though, he was waffling too with Sally and Flo.

What We Could See Happening Next

We’ve never made it a secret that we despise the storyline and the direction in which it is heading; i.e. Liam being the father of Steffy’s baby. From what we’ve read there may be a time where the Spencer v. Finnegan fight could get physical. How they’re going to do it when they have to follow COVID restrictions will be interesting if it happens.

Anyway, back to the show itself, Hope is going to be bitter for awhile if the storyline goes where we think it will, it will spell the end of her marriage. Steffy and Finn will break up and the cycle will repeat.

In today’s episode, there was a sabotage accusation from Hope to Steffy and she’s not wrong. Yes, her stepsister told Liam to go home but she didn’t stop him from kissing her and then having sex at the same time. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

It’s not like Liam had had sex with himself and just imagined his partner was Steffy. Finn and Hope every right to be to be pissed. They trusted their significant others to be faithful to only them. But, no. They circled back to each other like they always do.

Our dream is to have Hope and Finn together, bonded over their broken relationships. Hinn Forever! Please make it so! Anyway, we would love to see another catfight between the two warring women. It would make this infidelity/baby daddy drama so much better.

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