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Harry Supports Meghan, But She Doesn’t Support Him


Support in a marriage is supposed to go both ways, so why isn’t Meghan Markle supporting her husband, Prince Harry? He has defended her countless times, yet she doesn’t have the backbone to show him the same courtesy.

Harry has shown his support for his wife’s projects and even put out statements ‘defending’ her from the ‘evil’ UK press. But when has she ever done that for him? She has only shown support for the Invictus Games, which has become a laughing stock due to the Sussexes’ association. People who want to support the charity don’t know whether their money goes directly to the cause or into Harry and Meghan’s pockets.

Harry Still Thinks He Was The Only One Who Married For Love

Meghan doesn’t understand what support does. She was only into marrying a prince because she felt it would get the fame and fortune she always craved. This was discussed briefly in our first Agrippina Files post. While she got what she wanted to an extent, it was not in the way she expected. She has the common traits of a narcissist who expects everything to go their way. When it doesn’t, the narc plays the victim.

Going back to Harry, he is still under the allusion that everyone was wrong about Meghan and that he married for love, unaware that she only loves money and fame. His wife usually cannot go for two days without attention. So, for her to go a few weeks without talking is generally surprising. This stems back to the support aspect.

Why Is Meghan Not Supporting Harry

If Meghan wanted to speak out and support her husband against the bashing he is getting from the public regarding the contents of his book, she would’ve said something by now. Guess what? She hasn’t. No surprises there. You would think she would be more grateful for him standing up for her and repaying the favour. However, she hasn’t and shows the type of person she is; shallow and inconsiderate.

Harry has taken a public beating since the extracts were leaked from the early Spanish release of Spare. While we have no plans to read the actual book, from what we’ve seen, Meghan does not come out of it looking as saintly as her husband wants her to appear. He all but reveals that the bullying did happen while proceeding to make himself like a pompous ass but exposing when he lost his virginity and whether he (and William) had been circumcised.

The Potential Memoir

The rumours are still spiralling that Meghan could be releasing her memoir, but could she possibly write about that we haven’t already heard? We can almost guarantee that the narrative will differ from the multiple versions of “her truth” already out in the ether. She was a working royal for seventy-two days across two years and spent most of that time pregnant with Archie. Then there were the constant holidays because apparently working 72 days was too difficult for her.

It also would not be surprising if Meghan decided to throw Harry under the bus because he did it with her. She will make all kinds of outrageous claims that will fall on deaf ears with a large majority of people. Though, her diehard fans will back her even if she is wrong. They will cry. What she does is her victimhood, and its “her truth.”

Meghan is desperate to be “heard” when she hasn’t stopped talking since the wedding five years ago. How the Sussex Squad can excuse her lies when everyday people fact-check everything she claims is breathtakingly amusing.

Going back to Harry, he will support her, despite Meghan not doing the same for him. He is not in the head space right now to see anything other than “being in love” with his wife, even if she doesn’t see him in the same light. She can claim she loves him all she likes, but the only parts she finds attractive are the title, the money and the lifestyle.

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