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The Wrath Of The Ambitiose Woman: Meghan Markle Doesn’t Hold A Candle To Agrippina

Julia Agrippina and Meghan Markle on a makeshift photoshopped coin

Being ambitious is not bad, though it is, according to Meghan Markle, if you listen to even five minutes of her Archetypes podcast, where she mistakes the titular subject for stereotypes. The woman doesn’t understand the difference between the two. If you thought the Duchess of Sussex was bad, she is a saint compared to Julio-Claudian empress Agrippina the Younger.

When examining these two women, Agrippina and Meghan are very similar, though they are different all the same. Moreover, this post will be the first in The Agrippina Files, a new series highlighting ancient royalty and some of the extremities that took place thousands of years ago. There might even be a few thrown about ancient society, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, let’s jump into the post.

Who Is Agrippina The Younger?

Born Julia Agrippina, Agrippina was a tyrant who all but ran her son, Nero’s life. She was married three times, including to her only child’s father, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, who was also her cousin and much older than she was. She was thirteen when they wed, according to History Extra.

Agrippina was born into the Julio-Claudian dynasty, which ruled for almost 100 years and ended with the death of Nero. Given women’s status in Rome at the time, Agrippina was meant to play only a bit part, but she ended up being so much more than a single component. Her grandfather was the first Emperor of the Julio-Claudian period, Augustus. Next, she was the sister of an Emperor, Gaius, who became known as Caligula. Then, she became Empress upon marriage to her uncle, Claudius, and then the mother of an emperor when Nero took the throne.

She was well-known for being domineering, power-hungry and ruthless.  She was also believed to have been violent and ambitious. However, Agrippina also had strong political ties and was beautiful with a reputable reputation.

How Agrippina Climbed The Social Ladder And Her Fall

Women in ancient Rome were rarely front and centre. However, when they were, it was usually a power play of some description. Agrippina was an early example of this. She wanted her son on the throne so severely that she allegedly poisoned Claudius.

It has been rumoured that Claudius was poisoned because he had second thoughts about naming Nero as one of his potential successors, with the other being Britannicus, who didn’t even fight for the position when Nero was chosen.

When Nero became Emperor, coins were issued with his face and that of his mother’s during the first year of his reign.

Her son took out Agrippina because of the domineering presence she was. There are conflicting reports on how she died, but they all have the same implication. Nero had grown tired of her interference and wanted her gone. One version of the story is that when the assassins showed up to kill her, she told them to stab her in the womb, given that Nero’s life had started.

What is most evident is that Agrippina left a massive trail of destruction behind her. She literally left bodies in her wake to get Nero to the throne.

Meghan The Beautiful And Domineering

Let’s move on to Meghan Markle.

Anyone following Project Fangirl will know of the lies and deceit that Meghan has exposed herself to try and climb the social ladder of modern society. She wanted fame and fortune from the beginning but was fortunate to have snagged a prince. But, unfortunately, she married one with no power, as he was the fifth in line to the British throne rather than the first.

It has become widely believed that Meghan believed that she could get with Harry and throw everyone above him to the bottom of the pile and prop themselves up. However, she didn’t realise that Harry would not get further than fourth place in the British line of succession. Harry will sit back in the top five when his brother becomes king.

Anyway, Meghan is ambitious, beautiful and domineering towards her husband. She grabs his hand and holds it with what the Body Language Guys calls “The Markle Claw.” It has also become apparent that she no longer supports him in public. We’ll go over that in a Chronicles of Harkle post, but it’s clear that she is trying to show that she is the one with the more staying power when she doesn’t. There was a rumour that she once bragged to someone that she earned more money than Harry.

Markle’s primary goal, outside of being famous, is money and power. She is beautiful, but her looks can only get you so far.

Cutting Her Former Allies Off At The Knees

Meghan, much like Agrippina, has left a trail of bodies in her wake. But the difference here is that the lies are figurative, not literal. So, let’s jump into this part of Meghan’s trail of metaphorical corpses.

Markle is well-known for dumping people who are no longer of use to her. Look at how she treated her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson. She sent her wedding and engagement rings back to him via FedEx.

She also dumped her father, Thomas Markle, after he posed for pap shots, something she too is well-known for doing. Then, we have the war between her and her half-sister, Samantha, via their lawyers, whom she has not seen since at least, 2008 at Sam’s college graduation. Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr, was ghosted alongside their dad and sister.

Meghan claims to be a woman of colour, but where was her black family at the 2018 wedding? The only black person she as related to that was there was her mother, Doria.

We cannot talk about the people Meghan has deposed without mentioning Jessica Mulroney, her longtime best friend, Lizzy Cundy, her royal in-laws, and of course, her childhood friends, including Ninaki Priddy, her best friend of 30 years. Oh, and we must remember Piers Morgan.

The Love Bombing And Crying From The Left Eye

Another thing that Meghan is insanely good at is love-bombing people to get them to like her. She did it to Harry and all the people in her inner circle. Some broke free of the programming. Others, like her dear red-headed husband, have not.

There are plenty of photos of her love-bombing Harry and using her perfected Markle Claw. One such incident is the ‘loved up’ look she was giving her new husband on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the 2018 Trooping the Colour while he was trying to talk to his father.

Moreover, there have been times when Meghan’s Mask of Niceness slips, and her authentic, narcissistic persona is exposed. One example is at the launch event for the Community cookbook when her mother goes to talk to someone, and a look of disgust crosses her face.

One of Meghan’s actual talents is her ability to cry out of only her left eye. She exposed herself in a video from years ago when she was on Suits when she was asked whether she could cry on cue.

Since the video has made itself well-known, Meghan has used this tactic multiple times. Two examples include the Queen’s funeral, where she was twice seen wiping away a single tear at the same event. The second is during the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan when she says people on social media making ‘death threats’ are making her scared. She only allows the tears to flow from one eye.

Controlling Harry’s Life And Taking Joy In Seeing Others In Pain

We’ll go over how Meghan and Agrippina are similar in a moment, but we wanted to discuss Markle’s control over her husband briefly.

Tom Bower, a renowned British journalist and former barrister, wrote in his book, Revenge that Meghan had Harry cut off friends that didn’t agree with her. In the tome, Bower mentions that many of Harry’s friends, whom he had known since his days at Eton College, had texted each other that Meghan was nuts. This occurred on a hunting weekend when Harry introduced his then-girlfriend to his friends and partners.

Why would they say Meghan was crazy? According to Bower, he was told that Meghan was telling the friends what they could and could not say. Most didn’t even make the evening reception list for the 2018 royal wedding. Their places were taken by A-list celebrities invited to the event that the Sussexes didn’t even know.

Also, Harry adds credibility to why he keeps losing friends in the Netflix docuseries when he says he’s “lost friends in this process,” meaning getting out of the monarchy and Megxit.

Finally, we get to the bridesmaids’ dress incident and the love of the camera. Meghan didn’t seem to care whether Princess Charlotte’s dress was baggy. Her alleged text exchange with Catherine suggests she didn’t care about the then-Duchess of Cambridge’s concerns about how her daughter would look.

The final point is that Meghan knows where the camera is whenever one is pointed in her direction. She loves the camera and will do anything to be the centre of attention.

Similarities Between Meghan And Agrippina

Now, we get down to the fun stuff.

Meghan and Agrippina are both ambitious, beautiful social climbers who are power-hungry and will stomp on anyone who gets in their way. They are dangerous individuals who advise everything behind the scenes. They also both go by their middle names.

They’ve left a trail of bodies (figuratively – Meghan and literally – Agrippina) and have had their faces plastered everywhere. Agrippina had her face on coins, while Markle has done countless photoshoots as the Duchess of Sussex. She is also obsessed with her title and uses it and her royal monogram every chance she gets.

What’s more, Meghan and Harry have their combined monogram as a doormat at their Montecito home.

In conclusion, Meghan and Agrippina allowed their power (or lack thereof with Meghan) to go to their heads. They thought they could come in and change things the way they wanted. Moreover, they didn’t care who got hurt in the process.

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