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The Bold And The Beautiful: Ridge Tells Carter About Zoe’s Wandering Eye


Carter is blinded by his love for Zoe, but will he listen to Ridge when he tells him about her wandering eye?

The eye of the beholder is something that Ridge has become in recent episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. Carter has asked him to be his best man at his and Zoe’s wedding… if one takes place. Moreover, the model has taken an interest for Ridge’s nephew, Zende despite being engaged to the COO.

Now, we’ve all seen Zoe throw her weight around with her sister, Paris. She told her that she can have her fired from the Forrester Foundation if she crosses her given who Carter is. This had us just rolling our eyes in annoyance. She’s throwing around threats she has no power to enforce.

However, her attempts to have her fiancée and Zende are about to blow up.

In episodes last week, Ridge overheard everything. He heard about how the model has her eye on Zende. What disgusts him is her wanting one night with him before she commits to Carter.

The promo that was released, according to @hopebethspencer on Instagram shows just how nasty it could get. Take a look:

[Credit: Instagram – @hopebethspencer]

This makes us wonder if Zoe does actually love Carter like she claims or just wants to marry him for his title. This has caught Ridge’s eye and hopefully his bestie will listen to him.

There have been instances in the past where someone has seen something dodgy and no one listens. Then, the whole situation unravels and then some basically says ‘we told you so’. Look at what happened when Liam and Brooke said Thomas was bad news. Everyone was convinced that he was a good guy who had changed his ways.

Boy were they wrong!

Ridge Declines Any Further Involvement In Zarter Marriage

We read that Ridge tells Carter he can no longer be his best man if he is still doing to marry Zoe. He has done a lot of dodgy stuff in his time, but this is both hypocritical and noble of him.

Finally, Ridge wants to ensure Carter doesn’t get hurt. Fair enough. However, he thinks it is okay to be kissing a woman who is not his wife but criticises her for doing the same with his arch-nemesis. He needs to get an eye test done!

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