Project Fangirl: What’s Coming To The Blog In 2020

Wow, it’s almost a new decade and our blog has come a long way in just a year after our rebranding from Coffee Hawk to Project Fangirl. We’re got bit things coming in 2020.

It’s hard to believe over a year ago Coffee Hawk became Project Fangirl and into the blog we know now. We’ve had so much fun talking about DC and Marvel stuff, but we’re going into 2020 and we’re expanding our content. Here’s going to reveal what’s coming in the new year in just a few days.


If you didn’t already know, we’re passionate about skincare here at Project Fangirl. So, we’re going to expand on our skincare content. We’ve been trying to think of great content to put out on a daily basis, but we’ve come up short. We’re still coming up with ideas though it might be some time before we build it up. We’ll post whenever we have ideas.

Super Of The Week

We know people have LOVED our Super of the Week content and so we’re bringing it back to Tuesdays. We’ve completed our coverage for the upcoming Birds of Prey film. We have also written our first Wonder Woman article for Wonder Woman 1984. More are coming soon.

Welcome To Project Fangirl, True Crime

You’ve probably already seen a new page called True Crime added to our top menu. We’re excited to officially announce we’re adding a true crime page to our blog. We’re going to be looking at solved and unsolved crimes while looking at why the criminals committed their crimes and other avenues.

Goodbye, Flashback Friday

Unfortunately, we’re forced to discontinue our Flashback Friday segment due to how long it takes to write these posts.

There’s more coming soon, but it’s only in the early stages. We should have more news in the new year.

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