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Why Is Meghan Markle Wearing A Poppy Worn For A Country’s Military She Hates?

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Meghan Markle hates the United Kingdom, so why is she wearing a Poppy that commemorates British soldiers in the military of the country she hates? The Sussex Squad will claim, as pointed out by the Duchess of Narsussex, that she’s supporting her husband and the military community.

Okay, she does NOT reside in the United Kingdom. She lives in the United States of America. Meghan Markle does not give two craps about the military in either country, and she is certainly NOT a military wife. She wasn’t even with Prince Harry when he was in the army.

Just because Meghan Markle was on a USO Tour before she married Prince Harry doesn’t mean anything. She did it as a PR stunt, which is all she knows how to do. There is a very awkward video where the former actress was at a USO event singing Christmas carols, and no one wanted to interact with her on stage.

She has never been able to read a room. It’s the same with the poppy situation. Why is she wearing one when she lives in the United States and hates the UK? This whole thing is ticking people off because she hates Britain, yet she is still a Duchess and uses British customs to make it appear she cares and is “supporting her husband” and acting like she’s a military wife.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle’s wearing of a poppy shows she is giving mixed messages. Also, she should tell her rabid fanbase to lay off Catherine, who they’re accusing of playing dress-up. People, she has honorary military roles. Let’s not forget that Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, has worn camo, too, and the Sugars haven’t complained about that.

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