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Finn And Li’s Family Tree Just Got Bigger! Meet Luna Nozawa And Her Mother, Poppy

Luna Nozawa, Poppy, Finn, Li

Since Finn Finnegan showed up as Steffy Forrester’s doctor in 2020, his past has been very… illusive. We were introduced to his parents, Jack Finnegan and his mother, Doctor Li Finnegan. Then, we found out he was adopted, that his adoptive father was his biological father and that his biological mother was none other than the evil Sheila Carter. We’ve met Forrester’s newest intern, Luna Nozawa, in the last few weeks. We also heard her on the phone with a woman we now know is her mother, Poppy.

However, one thing that has made the audience scratch their heads. Why doesn’t Poppy want Luna Nozawa around the Forresters? What does it have to do with her grandfather and Aunt Li? We’re super confused.

Poppy Catches Luna Nozawa In A Lie

Li wasn’t mentioned by name, but Finn was. Also, it was all over the Forrester Creations website that Finn and Steffy had married and Hayes was born. We know this because Poppy calls her daughter out on her lie about “not being in Los Angeles” when the FC website mentioned her as an intern.

In an earlier episode, Luna mentioned to RJ Forrester that her aunt and grandfather are no-nonsense people and the opposite of her and her mother. We’ve seen Li, and Luna’s description isn’t exactly spot-on. Yes, Li can be passionate about things but also holds a grudge. Moreover, she hates what Jack did to her in cheating with Sheila. But what would she blow a gasket over her niece’s career choice?

Why Would Li Have A Problem With Her Niece’s Career Choice?

What Luna does with her life should be none of Li’s concern unless she had a role in raising her niece, which might be the case. Nozawa mentioned that it was just her and her mother. She never mentioned who her dad was or whether she had anything to do with him. She also said Poppy had her when she was young.

What makes this super confusing is why Poppy is so hellbent on ensuring Luna has nothing to do with the Forresters, and what does Li and, by extension, Finn have to do with it? Surely, Finn would be thrilled to have her around.

Is Luna A Forrester?

Also, Poppy surely knows that Finn is married to a Forrester. So, why is Poppy afraid of what her sister will say if she discovers what Luna is doing? Perhaps the Nozawa family have a long-running career path in medicine. Finn and Li are both doctors, so why perhaps Poppy and Li’s father is a doctor, too? Who knows. There has also been a suggestion that perhaps Jack is Luna’s father. We don’t think so. This has nothing to do with the Forresters.

One possible scenario we can think of is that one of the Forrester men is Luna’s dad. But there are not many Forrester men on the scene right now that would fit the description. RJ and Thomas are too young to be Nozawa’s father. The only ones on the show currently are Ridge, Thomas and Eric. The others, including Marcus (Donna’s son that Eric adopted), Rick and Thorne, aren’t even on the show. We could include Eric’s brother, who hasn’t been seen or mentioned in years.

When Luna Nozawa first showed up, we might’ve argued perhaps she has ties to Deacon, the Spencers, the Logans or the Buckinghams. However, with the references to Li and Finn, it became evident this was a solely Forrester threat.

Why Haven’t Luna And Poppy Been Referenced Before?

Finn has been on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2020. Li and Jack entered in 2021. There has been no reference to a sister or a father on Li’s side. Also, it is assumed that Li’s parents died. Steffy’s engagement ring allegedly came from Li. However, it was never bought up, as all Finn said was that the ring came from his mother. Given the way it came up, it sounded like she had died, and this was before it came out that Finn was adopted and Li was his adoptive mother.

The issue that The Bold and the Beautiful has always had is that they introduce random family members, and then when they run out of storylines, they quietly drop them and never mention them again. Look at what happened with Jessica Forrester, the half-sister of Ivy and the niece of Eric. When Ivy showed up, there was no reference to Jessica or her mother. Another example is Jack Malone, the son of Nick, who was conceived with Brooke’s egg and Nick’s sperm but was born in Taylor’s body.

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