4 Lessons Learned From The Crown Prince Frederik Alleged Affair

Prince Frederik Scandal

The Prince Frederik (alleged) Scandal isn’t going away. Going out with a single woman (friend or not) and staying at her place overnight is not a good look for a man who has been married for almost twenty years. Simply put, the heir to the Danish throne should have known better.

In this post, we’re going to explore four lessons that have been learned from the Prince Frederik Scandal.

1. Deny, Deny, Deny

We must give the woman at the centre of the Prince Frederik Scandal, Genoveva Casanova, credit. She outright denied that anything was going on between her and Frederik. Also, the Danish Royal Press Office issued a response that said essentially nothing. It was enough to make people believe something was going on.

2. If You’re A Married Man, Get A Hotel Room

Whether Crown Prince Frederik has had affairs in the past or if Prince Frederik has been unfaithful to his wife, he should have been more secretive about it, not that we’re condoning it. He should have gotten a hotel room even if Ms Casanova had oftened.

How does this look to the Danish people who will one day have Crown Prince Frederik as their King? The Royal News Network made an interesting point when she spoke about this in a video. He’s been married 20 years as of next year. Frederik should have known better, especially when his wife, Crown Princess Mary, was out of the country when his trip to Madrid occurred.

Also, from what RNN has said, the Spanish media is eating the story up. The Danish media, however, is trying to keep their coverage neutral because they want to maintain their access to the royal family.

3. Find A Replacement Friend

The story goes that allegedly, Crown Prince Frederik was supposed to go touring Madrid with a friend, who then backed out and Genoveva went in the friend’s place as they were mutual friends.

It would have been simpler if a third person was there, and they all stayed together. That way, there would’ve been no scandal.

4. Don’t Be So Public

Did Crown Prince Frederik consider his wife’s feelings when he stepped out with Ms Casanova? Did he think she would mind? Also, did Crown Princess Mary know who the woman was? It’s not the public’s business as to what they do in their private time, but given that Fred was using tax-payer money to travel to Madrid in a private capacity that’s a whole other matter.

Also, did Frederik not think about how this situation (aka alleged scandal) would affect his mother and his future and what the reactions of his children would be? The last thing Denmark needs right now is another situation like Spain had with King Juan Carlos.

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