Prince William Cautioned His Brother To Take His Relationship With Meghan Slow. Harry Was Offended By The Request


Once upon a time, Princes William and Harry were extremely close. Even when the now-Duke of Cambridge married university sweetheart Catherine Middleton, the royal brothers remained inseparable. However, this changed when Meghan Markle entered the picture. The future king made one request to his sibling; take the relationship slow.

It was one request that changed everything for the brotherly dynamic that was Princes William and Harry. Once incredibly close, given their shared grief over losing their mother, Princess Diana, the future king and the Duke of Sussex are no longer on the same terms they once were. It all came down to a disagreement over the younger royal’s relationship with American actress Meghan Markle.

William, being the cautious one, gave Harry one request; to take it slow with Meghan, which he reportedly said:

Take as much time as you need to get to know this girl

This was the ultimate insult for Harry, especially when William called his then-girlfriend ‘this girl’. He should’ve known his brother was only telling him to be cautious out of love and not bitterness.

Everything Looked Fine

Not long after Harry and Meghan got engaged, the future Sussex couple and the Cambridges took to the stage for the first annual Royal Foundation forum in February 2018. William welcomed his soon-to-be sister-in-law warmly (or so it appeared). The couple, dubbed ‘The Fab Four’by the media, joked with each other and seemed to be having a great time.

Harry had asked William to be his best man by the time of the wedding, as he had been at his brother’s 2011 wedding to Catherine. Seeing the brothers walking together towards the church and whatnot was so lovely. However, thinking back on it, something seemed off.

The Pregnancy Faux Pas

A few months later, at the wedding of Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie of York, it is alleged that Meghan ’embarrassed’ her new husband by revealing she was pregnant. Who shows at someone else’s nuptials that they’re having a baby? A narcissist like the Duchess of Sussex, perhaps?

However, there was a report where Eugenie and her now-husband Jack were told before the wedding of the pregnancy. Whatever the case, Meghan made the day about herself, not even thinking about the couple getting married. It was reported that Sarah Ferguson, the bride’s mother was unimpressed. What exactly was the truth behind the pregnancy announcement? We might never know for sure.

How Did A Simple Request Become An Insult?

As we stated before, William has always been the one who thinks before he leaps. On the other hand, Harry doesn’t think his decisions all the through. One of his brother’s concerns was that he was being ‘blindsided by lust’.

We can believe this, one thousand per cent. Meghan is beautiful, confident, and passionate about similar things Harry is. The list goes on. Why wouldn’t those qualities turn on the prince? As we’ve stated in other posts, various people have said that the former actress wanted to be the next Princess Diana.

It should also be noted that William’s request was never intended to be malicious. Anyone with half a brain could see how much he adores his brother. He wouldn’t have said anything if he didn’t have good intentions. However, he could also see that Meghan would be difficult to handle and that she would not be a good fit for the family.

Harry, who has always done things against the norm, didn’t like the idea of one of the closest people to him telling him to take it slow. In other words, Meghan was beginning to rub off on him, his behaviour showing volumes. The Sussex Squad must be eating this up.

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