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Is Severus Snape Harry Potter’s Biological Father?

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We had an interesting question pop up in NicheIQ. Anyone who follows this site knows we have gotten topic ideas for Harry Potter, and we try to do individual posts as there has been every topic under the sun that has been written about in the almost 30 years since the first book’s release. So, this post centres on a theory that Snape could be The Boy Who Lives’ biological father.

This was an odd topic to come up with, but we thought we’d answer it anyway. So, could Snape be Harry Potter’s true father instead of James Potter? Let’s find out.

Where Did This Theory Start?

About five years ago, a user on Reddit questioned whether Snape was Harry’s father after seeing Deathly Hallows Part Two. After the thought was posted, many people said that it wasn’t true and that it was stated multiple times in other films that James is Harry’s father.

Why Would The Snape Is Harry Potter’s Father Question Even Real?

Nothing in the books or the films suggests that Harry is Snape’s son remotely. Sure, Severus was in love with Lily, but that is as far as it goes. Yes, he sometimes protected Potter, but he did it because of Lily. He wanted to preserve her memory.

The idea that Lily cheated on James with her former best friend is ludicrous, primarily since much evidence supports James. This is not to take a dig at the person who came up with the theory. Just because Severus and Harry had one tender interaction before the former Death Eater died doesn’t mean anything.

It has been stated several times throughout the story that Harry looks like James. Even Snape himself has said that Harry is like James.

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