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Why Does Estelle Blofis Have The Same Green Eyes As Percy?

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Sally Jackson may share her son, Percy, with Poseidon, but did you know she has another child, this time with her second husband, Paul Blofis? In the Trials of Apollo book, The Hidden Oracle, Percy mentions to Apollo that his mother is pregnant and that he wants to stay alive long enough to meet his little sister. In the Magnus Chase novel, The Ship of the Dead, we learn that her name is Estelle Blofis, named after Sally’s late mother, Estelle Jackson, who was killed in a plane crash years before Percy’s birth.

Little Estelle has salt and pepper hair, likely a feature she got from her dad and the same sea-green eyes as Percy. But, hang on a moment. Aren’t the sea-green eyes a trait Percy received from Poseidon?

Percy’s Riordan Fandom page mentions his grandmother has the same coloured eyes. Rhea, Percy’s paternal grandmother, has golden eyes. If her Fandom page is correct, green eyes are also mentioned. Nothing is listed for Estelle Jackson’s eye colour, but she might have them, too.

Rhea’s green eyes were listed in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, and the gold eyes are referenced in The Hidden Oracle. Given Rhea was Queen of the Titans, she likely could change her appearance.

No, There Was No Affair – Erasing Any Thought Of A Sally/Poseidon Re-Affair

At the same time, it’s unclear how little Estelle has the same eyes as her brother. It could be a fluke of genetics. Or Paul, her father, might also have green eyes in his family genetics. Finally, we’d also like to debunk any possible theories that Sally cheated on Paul with Poseidon. I don’t think Rick Riordan would have this happen, let alone in a series of books for pre-teens and teenagers.

Rick already changed some of the myths due to the original stories’ dark nature—one example being what happened between Medusa and Poseidon in Athena’s temple.

Percy And Estelle Are Very Close It Seems

From the few things that have come out about Percy and Estelle, they are very close, it would appear. When Apollo visits Paul and Sally with his quest mates, Estelle is seen drooling and giggling whenever her brother‘s name is mentioned, implying she loves him and spends a ton of time with him. It is also said Percy babysits Estelle.

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