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Who Is Alexsandr Kallus In Star Wars?

Alexsandr Kallus, Star Wars

Alexsandr Kallus started as a character we loved to hate in Star Wars Rebels. He began as an ISB (Imperial Security Bureau) agent and ended his arc on the show as a rebel in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

We include Kallus in our Ahsoka coverage because of his friendship with Zeb. We don’t have official confirmation whether he is in the show yet. Furthermore, we should have some answers with the two-episode premiere in a few hours.

Will The True Alexsandr Kallus Please Step Forward?

Regarding Alexsandr Kallus, we always felt there was more to him than just the arrogant Imperial he was made out of and presented himself as. After he ends up stranded with Zeb on the moon above Geonosis, the true Kallus emerges.

He explains to Zeb that when the Empire invaded Lasan, he had no idea that the goal was to clear the population and that he still felt guilty about having any role in it. As he got to know Zeb better, he realised that the Empire was nothing more than a smokescreen to hide its true agenda; to make the galaxy’s citizens bend to the will of the Emperor and to punish those who refused.

Alexsandr Kallus glimpsed this when Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the Grand Inquisitor to execute two of their men for failing to capture Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger on countless occasions. Even Minister Tua was horrified by this act. She was the first two defect but was killed in a trap set by Vader, for which Kallus had a part in framing the Spectres. Moreover, Hera declared that the Ghost crew had to leave Lothal for good.

A Change In Heart

However, as time passed, Kallus’ feelings towards the Empire changed drastically, especially after being rescued from the frozen moon. His chat with Zeb made him realise he had to get out before being killed. So, he decided to defect by acting as a spy for the rebellion, taking on the role of Fulcrum.

Ahsoka Tano was presumed dead due to her duel with Darth Vader on Malachor. Kallus took over the position and was later succeeded by Cassian Andor. However, Grand Admiral Thrawn outed Kallus as a spy.

After being exposed, Kallus became a full-time rebel and could give the rebellion all the information he had on the Empire from his time with the ISB.

Finally, after the main events of Rebels, Zeb took Kallus to Lira San, the original homeworld of the Lasat people. Here, he saw he had not wiped out the species as he thought. The people also welcomed him as one of their own.

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