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Who Is Jacen Syndulla In Star Wars?

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Star Wars Rebels fans were profoundly surprised when the series ended in 2018. In the epilogue of the final episode, Hera Syndulla is revealed to have given birth to a son she named Jacen a few months after her partner Kanan Jarrus’s demise. The boy, who is half-Twi’lek, half-human, is described by the narrator and a longtime friend of his parents, Sabine Wren, as the following:

By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost—Spectre-7, Jacen Syndulla. Born to fly, just like his mother. And, well, we all know what his father was like.

Sabine Wren describes Jacen Syndulla during her closing narration of Star Wars Rebels

Jacen was born in 0BBY and was likely a newborn when his mother piloted the Ghost during the Battle of Scarif. Despite growing up without his father, the Ghost crew became his family, especially C1-10P, with who he appeared close. His callsign was Spectre-7, and his grandfather is Cham Syndulla.

Behind The Scenes On Jacen Syndulla

It is believed by the crew behind the creation of Star Wars Rebels that Jacen was conceived during the episode “Kindred,” where there’s a small time jump. By the time we see Jacen for the first time, he’s between the estimated ages of 4 to 7.

Jacen received a mention from his mother, Hera, in the novel Victory’s Price. Since we currently know so little about him, it’s unclear if he, like his father, is Force-Sensitive. We also don’t know if he will appear in Ahsoka alongside Hera.

However, in footage from last year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, there is a shot of someone trying to use the Force to lift. It’s believed the individual is human. Only two possible people could fit this description; Ezra Bridger, who is human. Or Jacen, who is half-human and whose genetics lean more towards his human side.

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