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Ryan Wilder Makes Her DC Comics Debut

It was going to happen sometime and now is perfect! New Batwoman herself, Ryan Wilder has officially made her DC Comics debut…

A while ago it was revealed that Ruby Rose has dropped out playing of Kate Kane/Batwoman. Some months later, it was announced that God Friended Me star Javicia Leslie had been cast as a whole new version of the Bat Lady who would have the civilian identity of Ryan Wilder.

Now, Ryan has made her DC Comics debut in the 50th and final issue of the most recent Batgirl comic, according to Den of Geek.

We don’t know too much about Ryan outside of the casting description that was released a while ago. However, in the Batgirl comic issue she’s in, she has had multiple run ins with Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl herself). However, she not Batwoman yet.

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Ryan And Her Role In Batwoman

Having Ryan appear in a Batgirl comic issue was a pretty smart move by DC. It begins the hype for the character and to get people excited for Batwoman Season 2.

At the moment, all we know about Ryan in the show is that she will be living alone with her plant and that she will be gay. From what we’ve heard, she’ll have idolised Batwoman but not know Kate was the new Bat in Gotham City. Oh, and she will be the polar opposite to Kane in regards to personality.

Somehow, Ryan will come across Kate’s Bat suit and steal it which will likely raise red flags with Luke and Mary.

Will The Comic Issue Of Batgirl Tie In With Ryan’s Debut In Batwoman?

It’s very unlikely that Ryan’s debut in Batwoman will be the same as her comics introduction. There might be a reference to Barbara Gordon somewhere down the track, but given she is being used Titans, a reference might have to be indirect.

What makes Ryan’s introduction unique has nothing to do with the fact that she’s gay or African-American. It has to do with the idea that she is an original character who could go very far in both the comics and on the show. They could take comic storylines with Kate and adapt them for Ryan.

Also, it will be fascinating to see how Ryan fits into the Where is Kate? mystery. She could have her own theory which she will push onto Luke and Mary and hopefully give them some closure.

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