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All hail the Queens of the world…

The future of many of the world’s monarchies is female as there are many future queens out there. For years there was a rule in place which said only male heirs would inherit their country’s throne unless no men were born to reign. Look at the case of. Queen Elizabeth II of England. Her uncle Edward VIII was due to inherit the throne but abdicated before his coronation in order to marry Wallis Simpson. This placed his younger brother, Prince Albert of York in direct line of succession as Edward had no heirs. As a result, Albert’s eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth would become his heir as he had no sons. A female heir is known as the heir presumptive and the term is used for anyone else whose place in a line of succession can be disputed as per Wikipedia.

In this post, we’re going to be leaving behind the Harry and Meghan stuff for a moment and dive into the future queens of various countries. Now, we’re only doing direct heirs, not future consorts so don’t expect to see Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, or Crown Princess Mary of Denmark on this list.

1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Born the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria is the heir apparent to the Swedish throne. In 1979 she was given the title of Crown Princess of Sweden but the rule of absolute primogeniture was not put into effect until January 1, 1980. At the time, her father was against the ruling, but not because he didn’t want his daughter to rule. It was because he didn’t want his then-newborn son, Victoria’s younger brother, the then-Crown Prince Carl Philip to lose his title of the crown prince.

Victoria is the first female heir apparent in Sweden within the parameters of absolute primogeniture. In 2010, Victoria married Daniel Westling. Upon their marriage, Daniel took the title of Prince and is also the Duke of Västergötland.

The future Queen of Sweden has bought a lot of firsts to her home country and is going to be leading the way for more future queens.

2. Princess Estelle Of Sweden

The eldest child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle will follow her mother’s example and become Queen of Sweden. Born in 2012, the young princess became the first female heir to not be pushed down the Swedish line of succession by a younger brother thanks to the absolute primogeniture rule. One of her godmothers is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark after whom she is partially named.

When she was a little younger, Estelle had a special path named after her called Duchess Estelle’s Fairytale Path.

3. Princess Elisabeth Of Belgium

The third on our list of future queens of the world is Princess Elisabeth of Belgium. In a first, this young lady will be the first-ever woman to inherit the throne of Belgium thanks to the absolute primogeniture that was put in place in 1991, ten years before her birth.

Like many royals around the world, Princess Elisabeth has a hospital named after her as well as being the namesake of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station. She also volunteers to help children with learning difficulties, the elderly, and the homeless who are handicapped.

4. Catharina-Amalia, Princess Of Orange [Princess of the Netherlands]

The next on our list of future queens is Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange. The eldest of three daughters, Catharina-Amalia is the heir to her father, King Willem-Alexander. Recently, the princess made worldwide headlines for the best reason possible; she declined to be given a yearly allowance of $2.5 million as per

Unlike the other princesses on this list, Catharina-Amalia won’t be the first woman to sit on the throne. Her grandmother, the now-Princess Beatrix (formerly Queen Beatrix), great-grandmother, Queen Juliana, and great-great-grandmother Queen Wilhelmina all sat on the throne before her.

The title ‘The Princess of Orange’ works in the same way ‘Prince of Wales’ works in Britain. Only the heir to the throne can inherit the title. Finally, one of her godmothers is Crown Victoria of Sweden. It can work in reverse if the heir to the throne is male which is in contrast to how it works in England with the Prince of Wales.

5. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

The last of our future queens is Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway. Born to Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Merit, this young lady will become Norway’s second Queen regnant after Queen Margaret who reigned in the 15th Century.

Ingrid Alexandra’s birth sparked a renewed interest in the royal family of Norway despite it already being popular. One of her godfathers is Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. He was unable to attend the christening as his wedding was the same month. The same applied to the then-Prince of Asturias who is now the King of Spain. One of her godmothers is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The absolute primogeniture came into effect in 1990 in Norway.

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