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What Meghan Markle Thought Royalty Was Vs Reality – Part Two

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We’ve discussed Meghan Markle’s high expectations after marrying into the royal family. She thought it would be filled with luxury and servants, but she soon realised that she would have to work hard to earn her clothing and prestige. Also, Meghan’s reality of what being royalty was not what she expected.

Meghan is allergic to work and only cares about money. She thought that Harry was loaded and that the royal family had unlimited money, meaning she could spend whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, this was not the case and now she hates everyone within Britain as they saw her as a gold digger.

In this post, we’ll flesh out what Meghan thought royalty was versus what reality tells us. Consider this a part two.

Getting To Wear Designer Duds

Meghan thought that her new reality would be wearing designer clothes and having designers on speed dial. However, this is not how it works. Every piece of clothing is bought and not given for free unless it supports a good cause.

For example, Catherine, the Princess of Wales was given a pair of Issy Star Earrings, to honour a teenage girl who took her own life. A portion of each sale of the earrings goes towards the mental health charity, Brave Mind.

The earrings are only 25 pounds. Catherine has also worn other cheap earrings over the years. This brings her jewellery budget down a great deal. She also re-wears pieces and includes clothing. She has repurposed several of her gowns over the years. when has Meghan ever done this?

Yes, Meghan is always wearing her Cartier Love Bracelet from her ex-husband, but she wears it when she goes to charities that support struggling civilians who cannot afford the same expensive jewellery she can.

Meghan is also known to wear thousands of dollars of clothing to charity visits too. Catherine knows how to dress modestly and appropriately for what she’s doing. As does Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh and Queen Camilla.

Moreover, Meghan thought that royalty was about having the best things. Moreover, she thinks this is some romance comedy that you’d see at Christmas time on Netflix.

Wearing Tiaras And Ball Gowns

Meghan thought that the reality of being a part of royalty was that she would get to wear tiaras and ball gowns all the time like Cinderella. She also thought she could just pick whatever tiaras she wanted, totally oblivious that they are priceless artefacts that are loaned out.

In the United Kingdom, there are certain tiaras that are borrowed by specific women. For instance, the Lover’s Knot tiara that was once worn by Diana is on loan for the duration of Catherine’s lifetime. Similarly, the Lotus Flower tiara is also on loan to Catherine. Camilla was kind enough to offer the Princess of Wales access to the Strathmore Rose tiara, which was worn by The Queen Mother in her wedding pictures.

Different rumours have persisted for years regarding what happened with Meghan’s wedding tiara. Harry claimed in Spare that she wanted the Spencer Tiara and she had the edges of her veil shaped to match it. Only, the Queen allegedly stepped in and said she could wear one from the royal collection.

There are rumours that Meghan Markle wanted either an Emerald tiara or the emeralds from the Vladimir Tiara put into the Lover’s Knot tiara.

How true that is, we don’t know and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Meghan’s belief that royalty was about riches and power like it is in Hollywood movies, is unrealistic and clearly ignorant.

That Curtsying is Not A Requirement… For Her

Judging by what Meghan said and showed, she didn’t care about protocol and certainly didn’t respect it during the Netflix show. She thought having to curtsy to the Queen was stupid as she was Harry’s grandmother.

If Princesses Anne, Beatrice and Eugenie can do it, so can commoner Meghan.

Also, it strikes us as odd that since Meghan knew Eugenie first, she would know that lower-ranking royals curtsy to those higher on the totem pole. Yet, she claims she knew nothing about how to curtsy, despite a) being an actress who plays a child at school and b) forgetting that she did a curtsy on Suits.

So, are we being led to believe that when Eugenie introduced herself as Princess Eugenie of York, Meghan didn’t put the pieces together? Yeah, so much for an educated woman.

That Royalty Is A Popularity Contest

To end this post, we had to mention that Meghan allegedly wanted to be Queen of England (hence the Sussex Squad pushing that stupid petition to make her monarch). She thought that her and Harry’s combined popularity would get them onto the throne.

Sweetheart, this isn’t the American High School System where popular kids become prom king and queen. Meghan, sweetie, this is reality and royalty, regardless of what the monarchy is has a legitimate hierarchy. Just because your husband was popular, doesn’t mean he should be king.

If there is one thing that many movies get right, it’s that the eldest child becomes the monarch, regardless of their popularity. Look at King Charles III as one example. He’s not necessarily the most popular monarch, but he was the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II.

Finally, Meghan trying to push herself into being popular because it would be racist if people didn’t like her, shows her inept and tacky she truly is.

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