King Charles III: The King Winning People’s Hearts

Charles III

King Charles III is not an unpopular king. Nor is he popular. However, he is winning the hearts of the British people. Since the announcement of his cancer diagnosis in February 2024, the British nation has rallied around not just His Majesty, but the entire royal family. This includes his beloved daughter-in-law, Catherine, the Princess of Wales, who also has an undisclosed cancer.

Charles III has never been at the top of the popularity polls and has always been topped by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, his late ex-wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, both their sons, Princes William and Harry and daughter-in-law, Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Even his sister, Anne, the Princess Royal tops him on almost every list. He takes it in stride.

There Once Was Jealousy From Charles III Towards His Then Wife, Diana, Princess Of Wales

From previous reports during the early days of his marriage to Diana, Charles was overly jealous of the admiration she received for him. However, during their tumultuous union, she said in interviews that she did not choose the attention, especially on their 1983 Australian Tour with a barely-year-old Prince William.

The years have not been kind to His Majesty, especially after Diana’s untimely death on August 31st 1997 in a car crash in Paris. Charles’ popularity was in the toilet and people did not want him to ascend the throne and wanted William to be the Queen’s heir. However, Her Majesty stuck to her guns and over time, her eldest son’s popularity did get pulled out of its slump, but it took years. Not to mention, his relationship with his now wife, Camilla, did not help matters.

Charles Took The Blame Of Diana On The Chin

As far as the world was concerned, Charles and Camilla were the reason their beloved Diana was dead and why her sons were without their mother. There were always longstanding rumours of Diana’s paranoia that someone was out to kill her. Her alleged fear was that someone would kill her in a car accident.

While she did die in a car accident, Charles had nothing to do with it. It was also long suspected that her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, had ordered a hit on Diana. However, these were the claims of Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of Diana’s boyfriend, Dodi, who was killed in the crash along with her and their driver, Henri Paul.

Out of respect for his ex-wife, Charles travelled to Paris with her two sisters, Jane and Sarah to bring Diana’s body home to rest. While he never loved her the way he did Camilla, he respected her as a human being and as the mother of his sons. If anything, the death of the former Princess of Wales, humbled the then-Prince of Wales, and the royal family. The Queen bowed her head as the coffin passed her, something she wouldn’t do for anyone else.

Future Charles III Honours His Late Ex-Wife

Meanwhile, Charles agreed to walk with his father, sons, and former brother-in-law, Earl Spencer, behind Diana’s coffin. However, he and the rest of the royal family were butchered by the Earl in his speech during the funeral, effectively blaming them for the death of his beloved sister.

In recent years, the death of Prince Philip and The Queen has both devastated and humbled Charles. He realises that she sacrificed much when she became monarch upon the death of his grandfather, King George VI, wanting to be a hands-on mother, to him and Anne, who were both toddlers at the time of her ascension.

Dealing With Harry And Meghan

Also, The King has had to endure the betrayal of his youngest son, Prince Harry and his second daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle and their constant complaining and betrayals. We would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when Markle proclaimed that Charles’ seventieth birthday garden party was boring.

The King’s cancer diagnosis served as a shock. The royals are not immune to cancer and know what it is like. George VI had lung cancer that was not disclosed to the public at the time. Before him, according to US Magazine, Edward VIII (aka the Duke of Windsor) was diagnosed with throat cancer. The Queen Mother had two different types of cancer: colon and breast cancer. Also, Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York had two cancers; breast cancer and skin cancer.

Charles III Is Embraced By Many For Being Public About His Cancer

Since King Charles has been out of action, he has been dying to get back out and work. He loves meeting the public and he has been embraced by so many. He and Queen Camilla have recently visited a cancer centre in the UK and people flocked to him, wanting to hear what he had to say. To say he was humbled was an understatement. He was overjoyed to see so many people wishing him well.

The people are growing to admire King Charles for his willingness to work through his health issues and be open about it in a way his mother and other royals have not been. No one knew that his grandfather had lung cancer. It was a closely guarded secret. There was speculation that The Queen herself had bone cancer, but this has never been confirmed and likely never will.

Gentle And Kind, Stabbed In The Back By Meghan Markle

The King is a gentle soul who wants to embrace as many people as possible. He tried to embrace Meghan Markle, but she used him and spat him out after he graciously walked her partway down the aisle after her dad couldn’t be there.

Charles III is not the perfect man everyone expects him to be. What human being is? In his twilight years, he has grown wiser and humbler for the life he has. The King is like every other person on Earth: flawed. Does he regret everything that went down with Diana? Yeah, he probably does as she was the mother of his sons. It has long been said that he and his ex-wife had become united upon their divorce in raising their two young boys.

A Family Man And Harry’s Ignorance

The King is deeply devoted to the causes he champions. His family is seen to be one of his top priorities. He has a close bond with his younger sister, Princess Anne as he entrusted her to be his gold stick in waiting at his coronation. He is also seen to be very close to his niece, Zara Tindall, whom he had the honour of naming. There is a great picture of them hugging at the Windsor Horse Show.

Charles III, Zara Tindall

Harry’s claims about his father being this cold man who doesn’t care is incorrect. Charles has waited his entire life to be King. Now he is in the position that he has waited 70 years for. He has been patient. Sure, he has been involved in scandals, who hasn’t? If anything, the Duke of Sussex acts like he has nothing to hide regarding his own drama.

Does he have sudden amnesia regarding African parks and the brutalised Baka people? One phone call or email to the head of the charity means nothing. He has done beneath the bare minimum and if his father were the patron of Africa Parks, he would do everything he could to help them. As would William who has the same connection to Africa that Harry does.


William proposed to Catherine in Kenya. Not to mention, Africa is supposed to be Harry’s favourite place in the world. It helped him ‘heal’ after the death of his mother. He seems to forget that his father helped him during this time. He was a thirteen-year-old kid who had just lost his mum just a few weeks before his birthday. Remember when he sourced the centre diamond from Botswana for Meghan’s engagement ring? Yeah, she replaced it seems. The stone appears to be much bigger.

Anyway, this is not about the grifters, it’s about the King. There is no doubt that the King is probably shocked at how thoughtless his second daughter-in-law is regarding her ring. His son designed it and she almost immediately redesigned it. All that remains are the two diamonds from Diana’s collection.

At least Camilla and Catherine are thankful to their husbands for their engagement rings. Unlike Meghan, they have been married to their hubbies for over a decade. If they wanted to alter the rings, they could. Though, Catherine’s is iconic due to it belonging to Diana. She has made minor alterations to prevent it from sliding off her finger.

Catherine: Charles III’s Beloved Daughter-In-Law

Charles’ deep adoration for Catherine is widely known. She is the daughter he wished he had. In return, she has a deep respect for him. Catherine is appreciative of The King not because he is the monarch. But because he is her husband’s father who has welcomed her warmly. He did the same for Meghan, only she stabbed him in the back by proclaiming to Omid Scobie that he was ‘racist’ for questioning Archie’s skin tone. Let’s have Chris Rock talk about black people asking what their children will look like.

Thank you, Chris, for your input. It is thoughtful of you.

The King is not a racist. As we’ve said, he has had black staff for many years. The late Queen had a black equerry when Meghan came on the scene.

Of all the British royals, the King is inclusive. He was the one who got the Kingdom Choir to perform at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The then-Prince of Wales also rewarded his longtime staff member, Eva Omaghomi, with a new position in 2021. She had worked for him for over a decade.

King Charles III is a man who thrives off being out in public and visiting people. It shows his determination to get back out there after he has been doing duties behind closed doors due to his cancer treatment. He has also become sentimental as he held the hands of cancer patients at the centre he and Queen Camilla visited. He understands what these people have gone through as he has been there himself.

People are truly seeing him in a new light. It is humbling to see that people have let go of their hostility towards him, almost 30 years after Princess Diana’s passing.

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