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The Journalist Behind Meghan’s The Cut Interview Knew She Was A Fake From The Jump

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This is not a theory, nor is it a rumour. Instead, this is factual information from a legitimate source who interviewed Meghan Markle (link below). Remember that 5k-word interview in the Cut where Meghan teased she was getting back on Instagram? The writer behind that article, Allison P. Davis, a woman of colour, is believed to have seen through the renegade royal’s act relatively quickly.

We bring up Allison’s ethnicity because there is a stereotypical notion that people of colour praise Meghan. On this site, we’ve mentioned multiple times that not all black individuals like the Duchess of Sussex. We’re bringing this up because of something that a journalist said in a recent interview.

While Allison’s name is not mentioned directly, it’s clear that the woman journalist is talking about her. However, there is a reason why her name was not bought up. The Sussex Squad go after anyone in the public spotlight who attack Meghan, even if it’s just a minor slight. After all, they’ve tried cancelling Piers Morgan multiple times, and it didn’t work. The same applies to Jeremy Clarkson.

Allison Protects Herself The Best She Can And The Piers Morgan-Oprah Interview Fallout

Allison refused to go on the female journalist’s podcast because she had been contacted by the press, abused by the Sussex Squad, and wanted to remain as off-the-map as possible. This also comes after it was rumoured she was fired after Meghan allegedly contacted The Cut and asked for her termination after seeing digs in the article. This would not be the first time this has happened.

After the airing of the Oprah Interview in 2021, Piers Morgan went on the attack on Good Morning Britain, declaring that he did not believe a single word that came out of Meghan’s mouth. This prompted him to walk off-set. After this, Markle contacted Dame Carolyn McCall, the head of ITV, using her usual “As a mother and as a woman” spiel to get McCall to do something.

McCall issued Morgan with an ultimatum; either apologise or be fired. Piers quit rather than do what Meghan wanted. However, he never lost his momentum, despite what went down. He now has his talk show called Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Piers Allows People To Talk And The Black People Who Have Spoken Out Against Meghan

What’s brilliant about this is that he allows people to speak. He gives his opinions, of course, but will enable others to have their views too. He doesn’t shut them down. One massive surprise from this is that one of the more recent guests was a Black Lives Matter movement leader who even said she didn’t believe Meghan either. Also, this woman is black. Other black people who have spoken out against Markle include:

  • Nana Akua – a black British television presenter/journalist.
  • Chris Rock – an African-American comedian, during his Netflix comedy show.
  • Candace Owens – an African-American political commentator whose father-in-law is a member of the House of Lords.
  • John Barnes – former English footballer and anti-racism campaigner.

There are even rumours that Meghan and Harry attempted to recruit Tom Holland and Zendaya to their cause. But even they were unimpressed. For those who mightn’t know, Zendaya, who is ultra-talented in her own right, is mixed-race. Her mother is white, and her father is black. Her talent speaks for itself, as she won two Emmys for her work on Euphoria, which she also produces.

Finally, Meghan has no talent to back up anything she claims. The closest she has ever come to even touching an Emmy is when her dad was nominated for the Daytime Emmys, two of which he won in 1982 and 2011 and the Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award for which he was nominated. The former actress herself has never won an award of that calibre. However, she has bought awards for herself and Harry, which in my humble opinion, does not count as a win.

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