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What Is Voldemort’s Actual View On Blood Purity?

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Lord Voldemort is a half-blood. This has been known since Albus Dumbledore started looking into his past. Since the beginning, he has only surrounded himself with purebloods and those who are blood purity fanatics. But he doesn’t appear to have an idea of his own… or does he?

Merope Gaunt was 18 when she delivered the then Tom Marvolo Riddle at an orphanage before dying hours later. She was part of a pureblood family of blood purists who practised inbreeding. Her father and brother also abused her. It got so bad that she used a love potion to make Tom Riddle Snr fall in love with her. She had no magical education and no way of interacting with others.

While Voldemort’s origins are beyond twisted, you would think he wouldn’t care about blood status due to his own. However, status means a lot to him, and there’s a bit to support this. He detested the thought of having a muggle father is one well-known example. His main goal was to rid the wizarding world of anyone who was NOT pureblooded.

The Comparison To Adolf Hitler And Salazar Slytherin

This seems somewhat hypocritical for a man who has no love for anyone but himself. Even that idea is pushing it. It has been stated that Voldemort was based on Adolf Hitler. This is the man who single-handedly attempted to wipe the Jewish faith off the face of the planet. This was noted in an essay on the forum site, The Leaky Cauldron.

Voldemort believes he was chosen to rid the magical world of those who are pure-blooded, despite not being of said blood status himself. If you look at this correctly, you can see parallels to his ancestor and Hogwarts co-founder, Salazar Slytherin.

Slytherin wanted only pure-bloods to attend Hogwarts, while his fellow founders, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw, were deadset against this. They wanted the school to be inclusive, to include all magical folk, regardless of their blood status.

Moreover, Gellert Grindelwald also held similar views to what Voldemort would have. Dumbledore would also hold similar thoughts at a time, purely because of his love for the dark wizard, which ended after his sister, Ariana, was killed.

The Old Myth

Hitler believed a myth that the Germans lost the war due to the Jews “stabbing them in”the back”, as per the Ann” Frank Organisation. Also, his hatred for anyone who is Jewish was never a new concept. He lived in Germany, which at the time, was anti-Jew.

Moreover, Voldemort’s hatred of other blood statuses, despite being a half-blood, is just like Hitler’s hatred of Jews. J.K. Rowling wrote Voldemort this way, the same way she wrote Grindelwald to be in the same category of fascism. Dumbledore hints at this during Deathly Hallows, where he admits that he once believed that wizards should be at the top of the food chain as his former lover did.

However, after Ariana is killed in a duel between her brothers, Albus and Abeforth and Grindelwald, Albus’ opinion chaAlbus’o the point where he and Grindelwald are no longer friendly towards each other.

We immediately understand this when Albus and Gellert meet in Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore. Also, in all of Dumbledore’s appearances Dumbledore’se three Fantastic Beasts films, he does everything he can to stop Grindelwald as he cannot stand idly by as he and his followers run amok.

Blood Purity Doesn’t Define A Person’s Personality

MostPerson’sng folk don’t bat an eye regarding blood purity. It’s just a status they’re born with and is no big deal. For example, Andromeda Black willingly risked being cut out of her family by marrying muggle-born Ted Tonks and having a half-blood daughter with him.

Andromeda was her cousin Sirius’ favourite relative because, like him, she didn’t care about the Black family motto: “Always pure.” She married the man she loved, and damn the consequences. The Weasley clan is another example of a pureblood family that doesn’t care about blood purity.


The Weasley family welcomed everyone into their ranks. The first of Molly and Arthur’s children to get married is Bill, whose wife, Fleur Delacour, is quarter Veela. Their children, daughters Victoire and Dominique and son Louis have Veela blood. Also, Ron married Hermione, who is muggle-born, and their kids, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley, are half-bloods, much like their Uncle Harry.

Another example is Astoria Greengrass, who would marry Draco Malfoy. She’s a pureblood but doesn’t believe in blood purity like Andromeda. When he marries Astoria, Draco no longer believes in superior blood status; this is how they chose to raise their son, Scorpius.

Astoria was a disappointment as a daughter-in-law to Draco’s parents, Lucius and Narcissa, because she didn’t hold the same values and beliefs on blood purity they do.

Hagrid Made A Good Point

To end this post, we had to bring up something Hagrid says during The Chamber of Secrets. After Draco calls Hermione a “mud blood,” he tells Ron and Harry that many purebloods (not all) think they’re better than everyone else because of their blood status.

This is somewhat bought up again with Dolores Umbridge during The Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows. Despite being a half-blood herself, Umbridge is racist towards the centaurs. She also made out that Slytherin’s locket was from her “family”, the Selwyns. They were a part of the sacred twenty-eight. However, nothing Umbridge has ever said has been taken seriously.

It has been said that Umbridge hated her muggle mother and squib brother and thought she and her father were superior.

Finally, not all pure-bloods are horrible people who want to rule the wizarding world. It is how one is raised or where one chooses to spend their time.

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