Stargirl: New Poster Confirms Cindy’s Position Within The JSA


Cindy appears to be a full-fledged J.S.A. member. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the first poster for Stargirl Season 3 reveals something hinted at during the final minutes of Season 2. Our favourite shiv-wielding baddie, Cindy Burman, has decided to give up her criminal nature and join the Justice Society. However, she wanted Yolanda’s permission first, knowing what Courtney’s answer would be.

The daughter of Dragon King’s journey has one of thrills, but no one could predict where Cindy would end up, given her comic arc was only in one comic series with Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., which also served as her introduction.

However, Stargirl has made her a regular with an axe to grind with just about everyone. While some fans believe that Cindy’s shifting alliance is too quick, we disagree. She faces unimaginable torment in the Shadowlands after being put there by Eclipso.

Cindy, The Prince Of Darkness And Seeking A True Family

When the Prince of Darkness stabbed her in the back during their fight with the J.S.A., it showed that Cindy was NOT in control of what she was doing. While she successfully recruited Artemis and Isaac to her Injustice Society splinter group, Injustice Unlimited, it never truly took off. Not only did she fake to persuade Cameron to join her team, but her main priority was to gain a family as her dad was dead and she never liked her stepmother.

However, Eclipso made her realise that having like-minded people hungry for revenge isn’t a great idea. When Courtney ended up in the Shadowlands, Cindy had to put her issues aside, so they both got out alive. Seeing her arch-rival with her family and friends made the villain realise that this is what a true family is.

Teenagers Wanting Revenge

The Injustice Unlimited thing was never going to work because it was simply teenagers wanting to vent their frustrations on the world. However, the two-parter in Season 1, Shiv Part One and Part Two, gave the audience a unique look inside who Cindy is and her motivations. She wanted to belong and get attention from her dad. However, Dragon King is too caught up in his scheming to pay his daughter attention.

Moreover, Cindy’s jealousy of Yolanda was also part of the problem. She wanted to feel love, and she wanted it from Henry. So, she enacted a plan to get him to dump her rival for her, hence the whole reason for the photo scandal. Her rivalry with Courtney has made her see that she was wrong to ruin Yolanda’s life.

Forgiveness Is Key

Though, how Courtney can forgive Cindy for kidnapping Mike is questionable. However, even Courtney could see how lost Cindy indeed was. She wouldn’t have gotten out of the Shadowlands if she hadn’t. Also, she likes to see the good in people.

Cindy seems to understand that Courtney’s values of her friends and family keep her balanced and away from the darkness. Moreover, this is why Eclipso found it harder to go after her, whereas Cindy was corruptible due to her need for stability.

Courtney was willing to work with her to stop Eclipso. Honestly, it looked like Cindy enjoyed being good for a change. We all know how Courtney special is. People become drawn to her due to her unrelenting starlight. We’re unsure how to describe it, but she has a big heart—exhibit A, lying to Joey Zarick.

The Continuing Revolution Of Cindy Burman

Yolanda may be the key to Cindy finally completing her arc to becoming an anti-hero and potentially a superhero. In the trailer, we see Yolanda tell someone they’re not welcome. Given we don’t know the person’s face, we have to assume that the only person she would say this to is Cindy. So another guess we have is Artemis.

Now, Cindy would only get J.S.A membership if Yolanda agreed. However, Courtney, the group’s leader, would have more say than the others. This includes if it were put to the vote. From what we can gather from the trailer, there is a time jump, so we mightn’t get to see the result.

Cindy’s potential membership is hinted at in the Earth-Prime comic, which is set between Seasons 2 and 3. Burman appears as part of a group chat between Courtney and J.S.A. Also, yes, we know the show doesn’t take place on Earth-Prime. It was just part of the comic series.

Poor Rick Is Outnumbered!

To end this article, we want to say that girls will outnumber poor Rick! Courtney, Yolanda and Beth are fine, but having Cindy onboard? Yeah, we don’t see this going down well with him at all.

He already hates Cindy for putting Courtney in the hospital. How much more could he despise her? But, like with Yolanda, it might be difficult for him to adapt to her presence.

However, Courtney is the one who calls the shots. So he will have to accept that their enemy is now their frenemy. He might not like it, but he’ll need to grin and bear it. She might even be helpful. If Rick could adapt to having three honorary sisters and Mike as a little brother, he can deal with Cindy.

Finally, Rick doesn’t mind having female friends. It gives him a chance to protect someone other than himself. But, at the same time, he knows they will back him no matter what.

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