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Toxic Femininity Is Not Power; It’s Corruption

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Girlbosses are rising like never before. Femininity should be embraced, but some women take their femininity too far and use it as a power play. We’ve seen it with Amber Heard, an actress who tried to destroy her ex-husband, Johnny Depp’s career, by playing the victim when the evidence was against her more than it was for her. However, this corruption goes beyond just an actress who cannot keep her story straight in a courtroom.

The gender pay gap still overshadows women, but this doesn’t stop them from fighting back. But what happens when femininity turns into toxic sludge, where corruption begins to show itself? That’s what we’re going to review here.

In the day of old, men were the breadwinners of their families, and the women were to stay at home and portray the doting housewife, wives and mothers to any children. However, now, women and men work, and no one questions it.

However, some women think their sex is oppressed when that is further from the truth. It’s from this belief that toxic femininity arises. It causes corruption where there doesn’t need to be any. Moreover, it takes one person to drag down an entire gender.

Never Be Equal

Yes, women need to be represented more and have equal opportunities to their male counterparts. But women and men are NOT equal and never will be. For example, men are strong physically than women. That’s not a secret. Also, men cannot give birth to children, whereas women can.

What toxic feminists seem to forget is that you cannot have people without men. We don’t live like the Amazons of Greek Mythology. Amazons used men for one purpose; reproduction, and then they discarded them once they were done with this. Usually, they ended up dead like sacrificial lambs. Also, the Amazons had no time for boys. So any boy born to an Amazon was killed or taken to the outside world to be raised.

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