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OPINION – Did Meghan’s Hatred For Her In-Laws Come Via Harry’s Negative Opinions Of His Family?

We all know that Meghan Markle has an intense hatred for her royal in-laws. Why? Because she’s not the matriarch of said family. A role she was never going to have as it is reserved for the wife of the future monarch. Prince Harry is not the heir to the throne. His elder brother, Prince William, is, and therefore Catherine will be Queen someday, making her a future matriarch. However, were the former American actress’ opinions shaped by her husband’s views of his family?

The Vintage Reads Show did an interesting video where she analysed information from a number of Harry and Meghan-centric books:

  • Spare by Prince Harry
  • Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton
  • Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors by Tom Bower
  • Harry and Meghan: The True Story by Lady Colin Campbell

Each book gives interesting insights into the Sussexes’ relationships. What’s interesting is that Andrew Morton, who was also Princess Diana’s biographer, said in his book Markle that she would not have been with Harry if it were not for his ‘Princely’ title.

Harry Is Meghan’s Trophy, And They Both Hold Grudges

To most people, this is obvious, as she would not have looked twice at Harry if he didn’t have a title. After all, he’s Diana’s son. According to her childhood friends, she fawned over Diana, wanting to be just like her. So, marrying her son was a massive achievement for her.

Harry is almost like a trophy for Meghan to prove to the world that she is somebody. This is likely what Andrew Morton meant when he said that Meghan wouldn’t have looked twice at the prince without his title. After all, she told reporter Katie Hinds and socialite Lizzy Cundy that she wanted an English boyfriend. She originally wanted Ashley Cole, who was married to Cheryl Tweedy.

Both women swore her off Ashley because he was a colossal cheater. Though it has been said that Meghan was still dating Cory Vitiello at the same time she was dating Harry. Revenge even said had an article about when they met changed to make it look like the dates didn’t clash.

We’re all well aware that Meghan holds grudges, but the case of Catherine, for example, started long before Markle had even met Harry. Meghan literally wrote about the 2011 royal wedding in a tone that says, “I would hate to be this biatch.” Or she could have wanted to be Kate, who knows.

Whatever the case, Meghan already had a hatred towards Catherine before she even met her. Why? Because she saw how solid then the Cambridge marriage was, and she wanted the same or, rather, the man. I still believe she wanted William, which is why she treated Kate so appalling because she was jealous that she had the man she [Meghan] wanted.

Was Meghan’s Hatred For The Royals Triggered Because of Harry?

So, let’s discuss whether Meghan’s hatred for the entire royal family was triggered because of Harry’s negative opinions. To me, it’s a mixed bag. I think she had her own opinions, depending on who was willing to fall in line with her ideals, which, admittedly, was no one except Eugenie and Jack. Many people saw through her act, including Princess Anne, who can probably smell a rat a mile away.

Also, I’ve never totally understood why Eugenie was so gun-ho about supporting them, but her loyalty to her father, Prince Andrew, knows zero bounds. Andrew knows what’s like to play the role of spare to an older brother. In my opinion, if he wanted to complain about it, he should have spoken to Anne, who was the spare for a decade before he was even born. It has long been assumed that Eugenie doesn’t like how her dad is supposedly treated for his… questionable friendships, shall we say? I’ll do another post on that at another time.

Anyway, going back to Harry’s hatred for his family, it’s clear by his attacks in recent years and by his petty comments in Spare that he wanted to be in William’s position. It’s also obvious that he envies his brother for essentially being the eldest. Dude, you cannot help who was born first. I would have loved to have a brother, but I don’t. I have a little sister who I wouldn’t trade for the world. Is she annoying? Heck yeah. Would I bad mouth her to the entire world? No!

Harry And William Were Never Going To Be Equals

Harry needs to realise that he and William were not treated equally for a reason. Every family has a hierarchy, royal or not. Also, his comments about his brother’s hair loss are low, even for him. Has he looked in the mirror lately? Harry’s hair plugs aren’t working. Perhaps he should consult Keeps or Ashley and Martin for his hair loss. Oh, wait. Meghan wants him to have the best treatment, even if their bank accounts suffer.

After all, Meghan loves spending money as it grows on trees. So, in conclusion, did Meghan’s opinion form because of Harry’s negative opinions of his family? It’s hard to say, but I believe that part of Harry’s animosity towards his family was also part of Meghan’s opinions. However, she had her own views. Furthermore, I am still inclined to believe that the whole thing is based on jealousy of what the Waleses had; a future with all the bells and whistles that come with being the future of the British Monarchy. As it has been stated multiple times, Harry is his generation’s version of Prince Andrew.

Meghan already had an opinion, and she has fueled Harry’s hidden hatred, insecurities, etc., for being the spare by claiming the royals never accepted her because she’s black and all this stuff. I have written enough about these two to know there is always an ulterior motive.

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