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The Titan Submarine Tragedy: All Human Life Should Be Treasured – OPINION

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Human life should never be sacrificed or written off as worthless, regardless of how wealthy someone is. I have never been more disgusted with people believing that human life doesn’t matter because some have money and others don’t. The Titan sub situation continues to play out and is estimated to be worth millions.

I’ve been scrolling through the #OceanGate handle on Twitter, and some people are writing about the five rich people who are missing and should basically be sacrificed, given how much money is being spent to save them. At the same time, asylum seekers are being turned away for wanting to escape their homelands due to war.

While I sympathise with the asylum seekers who get turned away, what they do is illegal. All the millionaires did was go on a misadventure to one of the most dangerous places on the planet. They knew the risks. Now, this does not mean any of these lives are worth sacrificing.

I understand why people caught up in war want to escape their homes. Yes, most asylum seekers run with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I found a great tweet from someone named Dylan, who makes a great point:

Case In Point: Hypocrisy

[Credit: @PrimeWalsh – Twitter]

What Dylan says is true. The situation with the Titan sub exposes what most people think of the rich. People regardless of how rich or poor they might be, we should all be seen as individuals. The same can be seen with race. No one cares if someone is black or white. EVERYONE should be called out for their behaviour.

The clear hypocrisy in the way some people think is disgusting. In the minds of many, the lives of five white, rich men don’t matter as they are a dime a dozen. What are the odds that the people making these comments are Caucasian themselves? Pretty high if you sit back and consider it.

So, white people are dissing their fellow white people and then claiming they’re fighting for the little people. Okay, I’m offended by that. Why? There are more significant issues in the world than some woke, hypocritical keyboard warriors hating on people because their net worth is more than most people make in a lifetime.

The Update No One Wanted

In the hours since writing this opinion piece began, news has come out that all five lives onboard the Titan sub have been lost in an implosion of the pressure chamber. An expert told Talk TV that there would be no bodies to recover.

Every life is worth saving, regardless of how wealthy they are. Those five men, did not deserve to die the way they did. The industry clearly cut corners to make money and it has cost lives. The Titanic was named after the Titans of Greek mythology and met a tragic fate when it stuck that iceberg. The Titan sub carried the husband of a woman whose great-great grandparents died onboard the Titanic. As eerie as that might be, it is still a tragic outcome and people need to have a conscious where all human life is seen as equal, though its not. We all know that as money is a contributing to how people in the world.

People get left in the cold when they don’t have the same pretigue as those with money would have.

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