Wow, That Was Dramatic! Piers Morgan Quits Good Morning Britain After Dummy Spit Over Views On Meghan And Harry’s Oprah Interview

dummy spit

Piers Morgan has quit his position as a co-host on Good Morning Britain after he has a dummy spit over being criticised for his views on Meghan Markle…

Piers Morgan just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. The world already knows that he hated Meghan Markle because she ghosted him. Well, that grudge has come back to bite him big time! His dummy spit in the aftermath of the former actress and her husband Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey has seen him quit his position as co-host of Good Morning Britain according to SBS.

Piers stated in 2017 that Meghan contacted him and they became friends before she ghosted him after she met Harry. Since then, all he has been doing every time something about the former actress comes up, he throws a dummy spit when someone calls him out on his vendetta against her.

Sure, we don’t like Meghan either but we don’t have a vendetta against her. We don’t throw a dummy spit because someone calls us out. We actually listen to people’s opinions. Going back to Piers, the Duchess of Sussex has not spoken negatively about him since she ‘ghosted’ him. He, however, cannot let it go and continues to be cruel towards her.

Did Meghan use him to get what she wanted? Yes. Does she deserved to be trashed by an old man with a grudge? No. Piers acted like a man-child and we’re sorry about he should’ve been called out sooner for his own behaviour. Sure, he does raise a valid point about how she manipulates people, but there is a difference between a grown gentleman with a vendetta and debunking evidence.

What we do is debunk evidence, what Piers Morgan does is throw a tantrum whenever someone calls him out and he throws a dummy spit. Yes, he is entitled to his opinion, but to storm out of the studio just shows him as immature.

Other Information We Have On Piers And His Dummy Spit

Ofcom received over 40,000 complaints about Piers after people on Twitter posted how to post feedback, according to the Daily Mail. Morgan had been working on Good Morning Britain for just on six years. Calls have been made to get him to apologise after his comments ended up getting criticised by mental health charities. ITV has said that they will be making no other comment about the resignation.

What makes it kind of ironic is that the aftermath of the Oprah interview saw GMB garner its highest ever ratings. Piers just needs to wake up to himself that his vendetta against Meghan has turned a lot of people off him. Whether you like her or not, she brings up mental health which is something not a lot royals have done in the past.

Harry, Catherine, and William have all spoken about it in the past. It all started with Diana talking about how the royal family treated her.

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