Six Stories About Prince Philip You Might Not Have Known About

Prince Philip stories

There are plenty of stories about Prince Philip out there that make you realise just what a wonderful human he was during his 99 years of life. The six stories we will mention in this post come from the documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers.

The most enduring ones are those told by people who knew him best. Prepare to get misty-eyed because this one is a doozy.

1. The Mustard Bottle Gag – Prince William, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall

After the death of the late Duke of Edinburgh, several of his grandchildren, including his two eldest grandsons, Peter Phillips and Prince William and eldest granddaughter, Zara Tindall, were involved in the documentary about their grandfather’s life. They told a particular story about the Duke and a bottle of mustard.

According to Peter, Zara and William, Prince Philip would remove the lid off the mustard bottle, place it between their hands, yell something, and then slam them together. The mustard would then go flying and hit the ceiling. He would get into a ton of trouble with the Queen.

2. Storytime And Sports – King Charles (then the Prince of Wales), Princess Anne and Prince Andrew

King Charles (then the Prince of Wales), Princess Anne and Prince Andrew recounted how Prince Philip would find time to go up to their rooms when they were children and read them stories.

Andrew recounted how the Duke of Edinburgh would teach them how to play sports such as Badminton and cricket. He even taught them how to drive. Anne mentions how their driving lessons started from a very early age.

3. Rowing And Fishing – Princess Anne And Prince Edward

Prince Edward mentions how he would go fishing with Prince Philip when he was little and would instantly be given control of the oars, meaning he had to learn how to row a boat very quickly.

Princess Anne remembered an instance where her father took her fishing, and she couldn’t catch anything. He told her she was being silly, but then realised after a half hour she was right.

4. Prince Philip: The BBQ Cook – Sir Tim Laurence, Prince William and King Charles (then the Prince of Wales)

Princess Anne’s husband, Tim Laurence, Prince William and King Charles recounted how Prince Philip loved to cook on the barbecue, but it was largely experimental. William then mentions that no one ever got food poisoning.

5. Technology No Go! – Peter Phillips And Zara Tindall

Peter and Zara recalled that when their grandfather got a new computer or printer, they would walk in and find him yelling at whatever device it was. Peter did have to point out he loved gadgets and technology but it didn’t always agree wth him.

6. Carriage Driving – King Charles and Lady Louise

King Charles mentioned that his father tried to teach him how to drive a carriage, and it went off the rails quite quickly. Lady Louise mentions that her grandfather taught her personally and that it was scary because he quite literally invented the sport. She said that when he was teaching her, he would go on a different route every time.

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