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Are there double standards when it comes to the Sussexes and the Waleses? The answer is more complex than people want to admit. Firstly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle overshare everything. Examples would be their constant gripes about how the royal family slighted them, the events mentioned in Spare, Finding Freedom, etc. Yet they whinge about wanting privacy and how they fear being around the general public. What sparks the inspiration for this post is a conversation between Cristo and Kinsey Schofield on Talk TV.

Then you have the Waleses who don’t expose more than they need to. When they ask for privacy, they receive it as they are respected. However, in recent months since Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has been out of action due to abdominal surgery, social media has ablaze with #WhereIsKate, prompted by the Sussex Squad.

Anyone is aware of this needless hashtag knows the story behind it. Catherine is not Meghan. She doesn’t need to share details about herself to get sympathy. She values the privacy she has been awarded after the drama created by the media when she and William were dating. The paparazzi tried ridiculing her to get a response from her. Then, when she became the Duchess of Cambridge, she became respected because she held off the gutter press.

This is why most people give her the privacy she wants when she asks. However, Meghan has to respond to every story that is supposedly negative about her. She lives her life in a bubble of “I’ve never done anything wrong, so everyone is out to get me because X, Y and Z.” She was a Z-list actress, pretending to be an A-lister when no one knew who she was. When she started dating Harry, people loved her because she was unlike any royal girlfriend. She was also given every perk under the sun that other royal spouses had to wait for. Catherine and Zara Phillips’ husband, Mike Tindall, were not invited to events until they were married.

Meghan’s lie about not being welcomed into the family is total bull. The royals have never judged someone on their skin colour. But Markle has. A story from Omid Scobie’s trashy book Endgame reveals an unheard tale of how the late Queen Elizabeth II offered Meghan her black equerry to make her feel more comfortable. However, and predictably from what we know now, Markle rejected the offer as she was offended that she would get help from a black man who “stood out like a sore thumb.”

Now, usually, Omid is a big fat liar who farts Meghan and Harry’s rainbow pudding for them. However, we’re at liberty to believe this story. Well? It feeds into the Sussexes’ double standards that the Wales, lucky don’t need to contend with. It allows Meghan to scream no one helped her and that the royals were racist to her. We’re not sure how the Queen offering a black person to Meghan to assist her in getting more comfortable with royal life is racist. Just this statement from Scobie clarifies what we’ve said before; Meghan is a closeted racist.

So, where do the double standards between the Waleses and the Sussexes come in? Easy, they don’t. When the Waleses want privacy they ask nicely and their reputation for playing by the rules is maintained. They don’t invade their own privacy.

People want to know the ins and outs of the Sussexes’ lives because everything they say is false, a half-truth or overly inflated. One example is there are three versions of Meghan’s miscarriage. The first was in the New York Times. The second was from Abigail Spencer in the Netflix docuseries, and the third was in Spare.

Meghan plagiarised parts of a book on miscarriage in her New York Times op-ed. She claimed she was clutching Archie in the morning when she felt a sharp cramp and collapsed to the floor, humming him a lullaby. Then, we have Abigail say Meghan complaining of pain and collapsed on the driveaway as she held Archie. Meanwhile, Harry said in Spare the stress of her privacy court case against The Mail on Sunday caused the miscarriage. However, according to Mayo Clinic, a health website, stress does not cause miscarriage.

What makes Harry a medical expert? No, wait. He had to cheat to pass high school. This also brings up another aspect. Harry gave personal details about William to the public, which he claims people want to know. Hmm. No one wants to know if any man, famous or not, is circumcised. You do not see politicians telling people their private information, so what gives Harry the right to dox his brother?

Then, you have a supposed text exchange between Meghan and Catherine about Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. We know Meghan would have consented, but did Catherine? No, she wouldn’t have. After all, Markle was horrible to her and her daughter. No mother wants to see a woman in her mid-30s be jealous of a toddler. Don’t forget that Meghan glared at Charlotte as she walked down the aisle at the wedding.

All the Sussexes do is cry double standards while the Waleses get on with the work. What Harry and Meghan don’t like is they will never surpass William and Catherine. Ever. Neither will their children.

Harry believes he is better at everything than William and thinks he is helping people. What has Harry been helping people achieve? William gets out to different communities and treats them equally, regardless of their religion, gender, sexuality, status in life, etc. When was the last time Harry went out and spent a night on the streets? William did a few years ago and it is one of the many inspirations that he had to help the homeless. Diana took both her sons to homeless shelters. Only one helps the less fortunate. The other lines his pockets by throwing tantrums about his so-called “treatment” by his family.

Conclusively, Harry and Meghan should consider how much time they spend away from Archie and Lilibet before they whinge about “generational pain.” Those kids (if they exist) probably call their nannies “mommy.”

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