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Prince Harry Needs To Stay The HELL Away From King Charles And Princess Catherine! – OPINION

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Prince Harry needs to stay the HELL away from King Charles and Catherine, the Princess of Wales! He is a bloody traitor who would likely record conversations, take them back to his plastic wife and they’d end up in a podcast, book or be referenced in an interview or puff piece.

Harry couldn’t give a damn about Charles or Catherine’s health. He didn’t care about their mental health when he and Meghan had Omid Scobie put in his idiotic book, Endgame, that the King and the Princess of Wales were the “royal racists.”

The story that Harry wants to “sacrifice his security” to help his father and sister-in-law while they’re recovering is BS. Catherine is recovering from abdominal surgery, as per Reuters. According to Politico, Charles will have his prostate procedure next week.

Could you explain why Harry thinks he is just as important as his father? You don’t see Prince and Princess Michael of Kent complaining that they don’t have security. Harry is deadset, delusional to think anyone (except perhaps the Taliban) would come after him. Between him and William, William would be the bigger target because he is the future King. Who would want to kidnap the former spare? Also, Catherine doesn’t want people speculating.

The Princess Madeleine Comparison

Also, Brittany of the Royal News Network made a great point. She said it wouldn’t be surprising if the Sussexes got the news about Catherine’s surgery and Charles’s upcoming procedure when everyone else did. Harry allegedly got the news via a news app alert. She also pointed out that Princess Madeleine’s part-time royal gig works because she is presenting Sweden at events, not herself or her interests.

For example, if there is an event in the United States, the Swedish royals send Madeleine because she lives there. She doesn’t make money from it. They don’t send Crown Princess Victoria, King Carl XVI Gustaf or Queen Silvia. What’s the point when they have a family member who is stateside?

It’s not like Madeleine does it all the time. She pops up every couple of months, acting on behalf of her father. She also doesn’t run around saying she’s a princess and a duchess. No one cares and she knows that. The more the Sussexes do it, the more people turn off.

Why Harry And Meghan’s Part-Time Royal Drama Backfired

The reason Harry and Meghan’s part-time dreams went up in flames is because a) they wanted to make money while being working royals, hence Markle’s gaffe: “I can’t believe I’m not being paid for this.” Also, they wanted to use taxpayer money to be used to allow them to go on endless holidays. Notwithstanding, they dreamt of picking and choosing what they did, like leaving all the “boring” events to everyone else and they went to the fun events like tiara events where Meghan would probably don a tiara and hog the red carpet. Premieres would be a must too.

Remember when they skipped out on the Marines memorial to the Lion King premiere, where Harry had to pimp Meghan out to Bob Iger for voiceover work. He had to be the one to do it because he’s the more important one with the title, and Iger would’ve listened to him rather than her because her acting career was virtually non-existent outside of Suits.

Thereafter, if they had been allowed to pursue what they wanted with the part-time thing, they would be representing themselves, not the British monarchy. If they had been willing to play ball, they could’ve done events in the States rather than having other royals do them.

Catherine And Charles Need Protection From Harry

One thing is apparent after every venomous thing Harry has said about Catherine and Charles. The King and the Princess of Wales need protection from the bitter King of Montecito. Also, it is alleged that Meghan, according to Robert Hardman, wanted to get out of the car with Catherine, have photos with her and then their husbands would get out with them during the mourning period for The Queen. How tacky is that?

The Queen had just died, and all Meghan could think about was how her public likeability would go up if she was seen with Catherine. Thank god that William and Catherine told them to bugger off. They were supposed to be honouring the Queen, not having photos taken to better their images.

If Harry were to show up at the hospital to see Catherine, the hospital should need to call security and William. William would probably kick his brother five times around the sun. Why? Because he tried to defame Catherine by allowing his horrible wife to say she was a racist (when she’s not) and allegedly bullied their little girl.

At this point, it is clear that Harry wanted Catherine for himself. Why? Because of her good nature. When he realised he couldn’t have her, he got with someone who hoodwinked him into thinking she was like Catherine or, better yet, his mother.

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