Meghan Is Probably Throwing Plates Right Now. People Love Zara And Mike Tindall More Than Her.

Zara Mike

Zara and Mike Tindall are class acts. They are beloved because of how down to the earth they are. Also, they don’t scream into the abyss that they need security or money. The Tindalls do their own thing and have been doing so before a particular Z-list actress came on the scene.

The reason this is coming up for the billionth time is because Zara and Mike are in Australia for Magic Millions, an annual horse racing event that Zara is an ambassador for on the Gold Coast.

Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, and hence is the niece of King Charles III. While not titled as the daughter of a female line child of a monarch (the Queen then being the monarch), Zara has never allowed her lower station to get the better of her. She is a royal by blood, but she doesn’t need a title to be noticed. She has lived a normal life since birth as her parents wanted.

Mike, meanwhile, goes with the flow. He doesn’t care that his wife is a royal. She’s just Zara to him and the mother of his three children. Like his wife, he has a close relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales, as evidenced by his inviting them on his podcast, The Good, The Bad, and the Rugby.

Also, Mike has become like a surrogate brother to Prince William for obvious reasons. The Tindalls are also very close to the Wales children and vice versa. After all, Prince George used to ride on Mike’s shoulders. Also, Mia was walking with the Waleses on the way to church on Christmas Day. Zara also pulled her godson in for a hug.

People love Zara and Mike due to their ability not to take themselves seriously. They know what their position is in life and they would not have any other way.

Zara is as close to her uncle, the King, as her mother is. Also, Prince William is Mia’s godfather.

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