Stargirl THEORY: Will Cameron Become Mike’s Adversary?


Is Mike about to get his first Adversary?

They grow up so fast! Mike Dugan is in for a world of hurt come Stargirl Season 2. After killing Jordan Mahkent last season, the youngest of the Whitmore-Dugan clan is going to have a LOT of explaining to do and not just to anyone. He’ll have to explain to Icicle’s now orphaned son, Cameron why his father never came home. But, will this end up making the future Icicle Jr Mike’s first adversary?

While this is just a loose theory, it’s entirely possible where this who story could go. After all, Mike did run Jordan over to protect his family. It may be likely Icicle can come back from this, but given his body shattered into a thousands of ice cubes, it’s not likely he can come back from this. However, Showrunner Geoff Johns said that the only character he would confirm to be dead is Brainwave. So, it’s possible that the elder Mahkent could resurface after a certain period of time. However, that’s not why we’re here.

It caught our attention yesterday upon the release of the new poster that Mike and Cameron are placed on either side of Courtney almost level. Also, Cameron’s image is much small than Mike’s is. We briefly mentioned this in our poster post. Could this mean something? It might which is what we’re going to be theorising over today.

Cameron Would Have A Reason To Become Mike’s Adversary

With Courtney busy having Cindy as her own personal adversary, having Mike and Cameron butt heads doesn’t seem as far-fetched as one might think. Like we mentioned above, Mike killed Jordan who happens to be Cameron’s dad. If the truth comes out – and we suspect it will at some point – there’s going to be total hell to pay.

Now, we know Cameron doesn’t know all the details. Mike knows basically everything that has gone on or we suspect he does as he’s no suspicious of Pat and Courtney hanging out together so much now. It should be noted that Jordan didn’t want his parents, Sofus and Lily to tell his son anything as he didn’t want him involved.

However, who knows what Lily and Sofus have told their grandson. It’s unlikely they actually know what happened their son. The only witnesses (that we know of) to Jordan’s death were the JSA, Barbara, and Mike. It’s totally likely that someone else saw something that we the audience didn’t see. But that would make it all the too easy to predict what’s going to happen come Season 2.

The show is known for its unpredictability which is something a lot of superhero shows nowadays don’t have. That’s not a criticism by the way. It’s an observation.

Courtney Is Caught In The Middle

We don’t know at the moment what Courtney will do when she and Yolanda bump into Cameron. It’s obvious from we’ve been able to piece together through the stills from the first episode that there’s something going through her head.

The image above we think is part of the same scene with Cameron. We might be totally wrong though with Courtney looking something else, but given the concerned expression on her face, we think it’s the same scene. We know that if she could, she would tell him but at the same time, she has to protect her brother. Essentially, she’s trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Let’s not forget either that Courtney still likes Cameron and vice versa… so we think. Remember back to the Brainwave episode in Season 1 with the cringeworthy (in the best possible way) dinner sequence. After seeing Jordan pick up the dish with his hands, Courtney realised that Icicle was sitting at her dinner table and questioned Pat as to whether Cameron was like his dad. This wasn’t followed through but we have a feeling it will be in Season 2.

Courtney has a LOT of intel at her disposal and she’s likely to be at a loss as to what to do with it. Either way, she’s going to lose one of these two guys. Mike will likely never forgive her for not watching his back. Cameron is likely going to hate her for telling him about her brother’s involvement in his father’s demise.

Cameron’s Powers Are Going To Manifest Further

Given everything that is going to be happening with Cameron this season that we’re predicting, it’s only going to push his powers to manifest further and depending on the circumstances, faster. We know he has them, but he doesn’t appear to know that. We know that his ice breath manifested – unbeknownst to him – on what would’ve been his mother’s birthday which was a sad event. Whether Jordan knew about this is unknown but we suspect Sofus and Lily do know something. Why else would they want their grandson to know about who his family is?

We know how loyal Lily and Sofus were to Jordan, so much so that they cleaned up The Wizard’s body after their son killed him for defying him and allowed Dragon King to take it for whatever reason. What’s not to say that they even keep their promise to their son despite his death? Will they allow Cameron to find out about his powers on his own without their guidance? Will he be forced to follow the same path Henry Jr did when his own powers developed?

Going back to Mike, if Cameron were to discover the kid’s involvement that Courtney knew about it from the beginning, it would shatter him. As far as we know, he doesn’t have that much of a connection with Mike. However, he would feel betrayed because of what Courtney knows. It’s possible that he could see her as using him or preferring to protect her brother over telling him the truth. Something like this would be enough to trigger negative emotions which in turn would bring about his powers and likely turn him to the side of darkness. This would then lead him to go after Mike hence becoming his adversary.

How Dangerous Could Cameron Become If He Becomes Evil?

If Cameron does get pushed over the edge onto the side that his father once served, how dangerous he could become? Will he become Jordan and Cindy level dangerous? It’s hard to say as it will depend on what happens. From what has been hinted, we know there will be tension between him and Courtney. It was already beginning to show at the conclusion of the dinner party when Courtney started acting oddly towards him after discovering who his father was.

For Mike, it could be very dangerous for him having Cameron as an adversary given how Jordan was towards his family. He’d have to watch his back at all times should the truth come out. We also know that nothing will stop the younger Icicle from getting what he wants. After all, vengeance runs in his icy blood. His father killed a load of people to get what he wanted and his grandparents are just as evil. Also, his mother wanted her husband to avenge her death which is what he did which ended up costing him.

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