Princess Eugenie And The Neverending Rumours

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Prince Andrew and Fergie’s youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, has been the subject of many rumours. This post explore these rumours and whether they are plausible.

So, let’s begin with one we’ve already covered; whether Eugenie’s husband Jack was cheating on her after their eldest son August was born.

Did Jack Brooksbank Cheat?

After the birth of their son, August, Eugenie was mixed up in a rumour where her husband, Jack was reportedly cheating on her. Not long after their son’s birth, he was seen on a yacht with topless women while Eugenie remained at home with the baby.

For those who might not know, Jack works for George Clooney’s liquor business. His mother-in-law, Fergie, came out to refute the rumours.

Do we believe there is any credit to these rumours? We’re on the fence about it. A professional work trip doesn’t entail women taking off their bikini tops in front of married men with a weeks-old baby at home.

Does Eugenie Hate Catherine?

A big question is the neverending rumours that Eugenie hates Catherine. Some people would ask why she would despise a nice woman like the future Queen. She hasn’t done anything to do her. It’s a simple answer. Eugenie allegedly hates being second fiddle.

Part of the rumour is that Eugenie hates Catherine because she’s a commoner. We call BS because Eugenie would be dubbed a hypocrite as her husband is a commoner. The difference between Jack and Catherine is that he was born into wealth. She was not.

Though, we know that there was one point of frostiness, at least on Eugenie’s side, as there was footage of an event where the royals were walking down a flight of steps. Eugenie pushes past Catherine without even apologising or acknowledging her. From what we remember, this was after Catherine had married William, so it was Christmas 2011.

We do believe that there was a dislike there with Eugenie, but it’s possible that it might be because of William and Charles’s discontent with Andrew and that the Yorks are second-rate.

Does Eugenie Hate Edo?

There was a massive rumour floating around that Eugenie hated her brother-in-law, Edo, the husband of her sister, Beatrice. There is no evidence to support this whatsoever. Part of the rumour train is that Beatrice doesn’t like Jack and all this stuff. We’ve never seen anything that supports this speculation whatsoever.

Perhaps there are times when both sisters have had a row about something and blamed the other’s spouse. However, both are close and always have been.

How Did Eugenie React To Meghan Markle Announcing Her Pregnancy At Her Wedding?

There was a report that Eugenie did not respond well to Meghan and Harry announcing the impending arrival of Archie at her wedding. The speculation claims that Fergie, Eugenie’s mother, was unhappy about this.

However, several different versions of the story came out, and they vary between Eugenie and Jack knowing about the pregnancy before the wedding to the couple not being impressed that it went down at their wedding reception and Meghan implying she was expecting when she got out of the car at the church.

Anyone who has been to a wedding knows too well that are metaphorical rules in place. For example, you can’t wear white to upstage the bride.

Is There Any Hate Towards King Charles And Queen Camilla?

We’ve seen tabloid magazines that claim Eugenie hates the King and Queen. However, unlike any other rumours, this one is very easily debunked. If she hated the couple, she wouldn’t have posted this photo to her official Instagram:

Given Eugenie is close to her father, Prince Andrew, it wouldn’t be surprising if she expressed annoyance at his limited role, but she also respects the monarchy and has never spoken out against it. However, she is allied with Harry, allegedly, but that’s what we wanted to discuss next.

Is There Animosity Towards Harry And Meghan?

There has been speculation that Eugenie might not be as close to Harry as she used to be. We say this because there are two incidents with Eugenie, Jack and the Sussexes that make us wonder what is going on between the four of them.

It’s no secret that the four of them used to be super close. However, at the Queen’s funeral in September 2022, there was a moment where Jack locks eyes with Harry and promptly looked away. In the same clip, Eugenie completely ignores Meghan.

Then, at King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation, Harry appears to joke to Eugenie about her big belly (she was pregnant with Ernest), and she closes her coat self-consciously as they’re walking into Westminster Abbey.

Something has gone down between the Brooksbanks and the Sussexes, and it’s not good. Harry appears to have burnt the bridge that has kept him in Eugenie’s good graces. We may never know what happened if anything did happen.

Is There A Plot To Undermine Catherine?

Eugenie isn’t as close to the Waleses as Beatrice appears to be. If the rumours of the hatred towards Catherine were true, there would be more information on this than there is. Do we think there’s a plot going on to make Catherine look bad? No, we don’t believe that at all.

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