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Bob Marley premiere, Aviation Award

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no shame. They were in Jamaica for the premiere of the new Bob Marley biopic, One Love. While there is nothing wrong with attending screenings, with these two, there is always a hidden message waiting to be deciphered; the same goes for the stupid aviation award from the other night.

I wasn’t going to post about the aftermath of either of these, given I had no idea there would be a premiere for the Bob Marley movie in Jamaica until the Sussexes popped up in the news together for the first time this year.

The Bob Marley Premiere Despite…

Okay, let’s start with a simple one, shall we?

Why did the Sussexes attend the Bob Marley premiere despite having no connections to the production? Sure, they have both been to Jamaica. Harry was there in 2012 for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Tom Inskip’s wedding in 2017. Meghan, meanwhile, married Trevor Engelson there in 2011 and gatecrashed (allegedly) the Inskip wedding.

Some believe that the appearance at the Bob Marley premiere and walking the carpet with Prime Minister Andrew Holness sent a very dangerous message to the royal family. Holness is a Republican who openly told Prince William and Catherine on their Jamaican tour that the country wanted to become a republic. Also, the tour was meered with controversies stirred up by people like Omid Scobie, who made a big deal about William and Catherine shaking hands with people through a fence on soccer pitch when a black sports star did exactly the same thing. This is the same soccer field.

Also, didn’t it come out that Meghan had stayed home to look after a sick child yet went to a different country days later? Sure, the kid could have improved in a couple of days if it is true, but given the timing of Charles and Catherine putting out medical announcements, she was trying to upstage them. Too bad it didn’t work.

How could the Sussexes go to Jamaica with limited security? Yet Meghan couldn’t go to the Golden Globes for a Suits reunion, which was packed with protection given how many actresses were wearing millions in jewellery.

In conclusion, why could the Sussexes go to this premiere rather than go to the UK to see if King Charles, Princess Catherine and Fergie were okay? Oh, and don’t forget Thomas Markle.

The Aviation Award

Aviation Award
[Credit: Page Six]

Okay, so at that aviation award Harry bought for himself the other night, he took a dig (disguised as a bad joke) at John Travolta. Why? Because he danced with Princess Diana in 1985. While the mention of Diana isn’t surprising, the biggest offence from this stupid PR stunt is that the hair-plugged harpy accused John of milking his interaction with Diana for clout.

Let’s get one thing straight. John Travolta was a big star long before he danced with Diana at the White House. Also, he is an actual pilot. How Harry came to be nominated is beyond me. John also owns several planes that he can fly.

Also, why was Harry there? The only A-listers there were John Travolta, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, again, an actual pilot. She owns a business that works with planes for filming.

Oh, and Harry was wearing lifts to make himself look taller than John, Lauren and Jeff put together.

When Harry entered, there were photos taken by a photographer who I won’t – nor will I be sharing the photos – he looked totally off his face. Again, this is not the first time.

Oh, and Harry was dumb enough to get a photo with Mario-Max, a fake prince who was adopted by his stepfather as an adult. Need I say more? Oh, and I love being petty. Why? It was rumoured that Prince William was offered the award, but he turned it down, hence why Harry got it.

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