Navigating Life After Her Majesty The Queen’s Reign: What Happens Now With The Rise Of King Charles III?

King Charles III

Long may he reign. Ushering in a new monarch after the death of a predecessor that everyone has known for generations is tough. Queen Elizabeth II passed at the age of 96. Now, we enter the reign of King Charles III. Like any new transition of power, there are questions that people want to be answered. That’s where we will come in to assist.

We will be answering questions we’ve seen about what happens next with the reign of King Charles III. Initially, we were going to talk about what happens now with The Queen’s body, but we’re excluding it as different sources say slightly different things.

1. Are Archie And Lili Now Prince And Princess?

Okay, this first question is hotly talked about since Charles became king. Are Harry and Meghan’s children, Archie and Lilibet, now Prince and Princess?

Since Charles became King Charles III, the US media has proclaimed that they now have titles. However, this is incorrect. They do NOT have titles as of writing. While they are entitled, due to a technicity, to be Prince and Princess as their grandfather is now monarch, they have NOT been confirmed to have them. This has been made evident by the updated line of succession on the royal UK website.

King Charles III

If Archie and Lili were now Prince and Princess, King Charles III would have mentioned it in his first address as monarch. So do we believe they will get titles? No, we don’t because His Majesty made it known years before Meghan even entered Harry’s radar that he wanted to slim down the monarchy.

Harry was always aware that there was a possibility that his children would NEVER get titles. But, now that time has come, his wife, who claims not to care about titles and that the most important one to her is “mom”, cares about her kids having them so she can profit off them.

2. Will Harry And Meghan Attend The Funeral? Will Archie And Lili Be Flown In By Doria?

We’ll cover two questions here as we don’t want to spend too much time on this. So, first, we have whether the Sussexes, Harry and Meghan, will attend the funeral. Our guess is yes; they will. We know Harry will either with or without Meghan.

So, our second question is whether Doria will fly in with the kids. It’s still up in the air and it wouldn’t surprise us if she does. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if they’re not sent over. They are that vindictive, especially Meghan. She doesn’t believe in family for some reason. We’ll just need to wait and see.

3. Why Did The Sussexes Go On The Walkabout With The Waleses?

This is a tricky conversation as different outlets have said different things. One of which was that Meghan wanted to do a walkabout where it was just her and Harry with a Netflix camera, as per Brittany of the Royal News Network. However, it has been said, according the Theresa Longo Fan page on Twitter, that Harry had enough of a backbone to stand up to his wife. The said that “Harry put his foot down” and insisted that he and Meghan follow royal protocol in the time of mourning his grandmother’s passing.

It has been said too that Meghan scoffed at having to follow behind The Waleses. Also, the palace aides are no longer keeping their mouths shut and expect that she and Harry respect royal customs. It’s actually surprising that Harry agreed with this. If it were anyone else in his family, he’d probably say no, but given this is the mourning period for his grandmother, he’d do anything (for now) to hold the peace as that’s what she would want.

Meghan doesn’t care about anyone in the royal family. Not even The Queen. She claims to care, but it’s a farce. Also, the Theresa Longo Fanpage Twitter account says that she wanted to start a situation but got shot down by even Harry. All she wanted was the press to be on her. We suspect that Meghan hold her anger in until she and H return to the US.

4. What Day Is The Queen’s State Funeral?

The Queen will be laid to rest on September 19 where the funeral will be televised. It was take place at 11am in Britain and 8pm AEST.

5. Where Will The Queen Be Buried?

Her Majesty The Queen will be buried alongside her mother Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, her father King George VI, and the ashes of her sister Princess Margaret at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor. Prince Philip’s body will be moved to the same site after being removed from the Royal Vault where he has laid since his funeral on April 17 2021.

6. Will The Cambridges (Or The Waleses) Move Homes Again?

The reason the Cambridges moved to Windsor was to be closer to The Queen. However, the week they moved there, Her Majesty dies in Scotland. For now, the Waleses will NOT be moving into Windsor castle.

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