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Where To Watch DC’s Stargirl So We Can Get The Streaming Numbers Up?


Streaming services are the way of entertainment now. With only a couple of weeks, until we learn the fate of Stargirl, we need to watch the show either live or stream it to get those precious numbers up. This article was requested by our friends at the Stargirl Wiki who along with us are doing everything in their power to get people to watch the show.

According to Stargirl Wiki on their Twitter, the reason Nexstar purchased The CW was because of its streaming services and how its programming performs. We’d forgotten about this and after discussion with one of the Fandom site’s admins, they advised it would be best if we did a post on which streaming services Stargirl airs on in different countries.

One example that was used for a successful show that is streamed is Nancy Drew. Its live numbers were appalling during season 3, but it is often really popular on streaming services. It’s also really big on social media, which is why the series was renewed. However, we need to bear in mind that it was renewed before the buyout happened, so this might not factor in now.

So, without much more delay, let’s get into our post.

Streaming Services

If you cannot access any of the streaming services we list, we would advise using a VPN. It’s often more cost-effective than getting streaming services. By using a VPN on your computer and portable devices, you’ll be able to access The CW App and website.

CountryNetwork/Streaming Service(s)
United StatesThe CW, The CW App, HBO Max (waits for the show to finish a season before it is updated), iTunes, Vudu
AustraliaBinge, Foxtel (FOX 8)/Foxtel Now, Fetch TV, Apple iTunes, Telstra TV, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store
United KingdomAmazon Prime Video
BrazilHBO Max
CanadaAmazon Prime Video

More to come…

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