Why Catherine Is DESERVING Of Being The Princess Of Wales

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Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is now THE Princess of Wales. The Sussex Squad can complain all they want, but it is on the good graces of His Majesty The King that she uses the title. The passing of Her Majesty The Queen ushers a new era for the British Royal Family.

While Queen Camilla was the Princess of Wales legally, she wisely chose not to use the title out of respect for her predecessor, Diana, the mother of Princes William and Harry. Instead, she used The Duchess of Cornwall. But, this is not about the Diana/Charles/Camilla situation. Instead, Catherine is the focal point of this article.

So, the new Princess of Wales is not Diana. Everyone knows that. If The king did not think she was ready to use the title, he would’ve advised her to use another. She could’ve remained the Duchess of Cornwall of Cambridge. But, it’s time to move on from Diana’s time as the Princess of Wales. Her tenure ended over twenty-five years ago.

We Need To Stop Living In The Past

The world has to move on at some point. Unfortunately, there are those, like a certain prince, who will never leave the past in the past. We also have to stop comparing Catherine and Diana. Having the former Duchess of Cambridge as the Princess of Wales is a step toward the future. However, it also shows that Meghan will never be a “princess.”

Catherine has never trashed her in-laws, and she has never thrown anyone under the bus. We know she has her fair share of haters within palace walls, but she hasn’t complained. Let’s not forget that the paparazzi stalked her. Meghan never had that problem. Instead, she called the press to take pictures of her and then cried to Harry, who was gullible enough to believe that she was being harassed.

Charles has always thought of Catherine as a daughter. She even calls him “grandpa” as a term of endearment. They adore each other, and they’ve known each other for over twenty years. He sees how devoted she is to William and their three young children. They both have a deep respect for one another.

Diana Would Have Wanted Catherine To Be The Princess Of Wales

Of her daughters-in-law, Diana would’ve been wary of Meghan. If anything, she would’ve told her to stay away from her son. In other words, if Lady Di were still alive today, Meghan would not be in the picture. So that brings us to Catherine.

While we will never honestly know what Diana’s relationships with Catherine and Meghan would’ve been like, we know that she would have approved of Kate becoming The Princess of Wales. She [Diana] would’ve seen her [Catherine] devotion to the crown and William. It would’ve made her very happy to see that one of her sons was fulfilled.

Diana only had gripes with Charles. She would NEVER have aired alleged dirty laundry to the public about other family members. Also, Meghan has made enemies of basically everyone except Eugenie. One of her main targets is Camilla.

Much of the public seems to forget that Camilla kept her head down, despite the backlash. She has gotten on with her job and never caused a fuss. Catherine has done the same thing. She’s had some rather cruel comments by the press but has never complained. Diana would’ve approved.

Work Hard, Gain A (Kinda) Reward

Catherine has been rewarded for her hard work. As a result, she is ready to be The Princess of Wales. Unfortunately, though, being a royal and working hard has nothing to do with being given a reward. When William became The Prince of Wales, it would be a bigger job than being the Duke of Cambridge, though some things would remain the same. One such thing is he can still champion his causes, as can Catherine.

Catherine’s dedication speaks volumes to so many. She is the embodiment of what Diana was about. She is not her late mother-in-law and doesn’t try to be her. Finally, Meghan tries to be Diana and fails.

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