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RECAP – The Secrets She Keeps Season 1

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We’re a week away from the premiere of The Secrets She Keeps Season 2. We’re in recap territory as we approach the return of The Secrets She Keeps. This is merely a guide for the new readers of the site who might want to get into the series but might be a little confused with what is happening. We did a Q&A after the first season aired to answer some of the questions people might’ve had come out of the series. We did a second Q&A to address more questions at the time.

Let’s discuss Meghan and her so-called perfect life before we review Agatha and her obsession. This recap is full of spoilers, so please be mindful. This recap also covers complex subject matter, so read at your own discretion.

Recap Beginning

To begin our recap, we want to discuss Meghan (Jessica De Gouw) and her family. Meghan is a mummy blogger with two young children: a son and a daughter. She has a third child on the way, a baby her husband Jack never wanted. His career as a sports journalist is failing, but he cannot bring himself to tell his wife.

The strain of the couple’s differing opinions on their pending bundle of joy tests the marriage. However, they’re both hiding secrets. Meghan had a one-night stand with Jack’s best friend, Simon (Ryan Cor), which might have prompted the baby’s conception. On Jack’s end, he’s having an affair with a real estate agent named Rhea.

Not to mention, Meghan’s parenting blog has been attacked relentlessly by trolls who have been posting vile gifs. Eventually, the culprit, who has been setting up multiple accounts to attack her, is caught.

A Desperate Wannabe Mother

Agatha Fyfle (Laura Carmichael) is a supermarket packer who is heavily pregnant and down on her luck. She has broken up with her boyfriend, Hayden, who is away from the navy. However, thanks to the blog, she is obsessed with Meghan’s life and wants to be a mother and be loved.

Meghan and Agatha’s paths collide as time passes, especially when Meghan’s infant son, Benjamin, is taken from the hospital. Agatha steals the baby and passes him off as her child, Rory, named after Hayden’s grandfather.

Meghan is forced to fight to keep her affair from Jack while he is forced to do the same. Simon, meanwhile, demands that his one-time mistress get a paternity test down to determine whether he is Ben’s father. She refuses.

The days tick by, and Agatha discovers Jack’s affair and threatens to expose it to Meghan herself if he doesn’t end it. Ben’s family becomes desperate for answers, with his sister, Lucy, asking if he’s dead, much to Meghan’s distress. Meghan leans heavily on her sister, Grace, who becomes her rock during her darkest hours.

Jack’s Affair And Agatha’s Desperation

Agatha’s life continues to spiral as the police come closer to finding Ben. Hayden, none the wiser to his on-off girlfriend’s lies, grows attached to the baby she claims is his despite him telling her to abort the pregnancy. Moreover, her ex-husband, Nicky, shows up and starts asking questions. He even brings up the daughter they had who was stillborn.

As the truth starts to trickle out, Agatha’s desperation shows to keep up the lie. She pushes Nicky off a train platform in front of a moving train to keep her secret. It also shows that she has developed an unhealthy obsession with other people’s children. Finally, a mass gravesite is discovered in the search for Ben, which reveals the remains of multiple babies.

Flashbacks also reveal a sad truth about Agatha’s past. As a teenager, she was raped by a priest and ended up pregnant. She doesn’t get to hold the baby upon birth, and it was put up for adoption against her will. Her mother did nothing to stop the attacks on her daughter. Nevertheless, Agatha believes she deserves to be a mother as she had the chance to be ripped away from her. This justifies taking Ben and the babies that died in her care.

Hayden’s Runner And Meghan Is Reunited With Ben

Hayden does a runner while trying to help Agatha discover her web of lies. Moreover, Ben (as Rory) starts getting sick, and the pair’s opinions run out quickly as they can’t take him to a doctor without a blue book.

When Meghan learns that Agatha has her son, she takes matters into her own hands and attempts to confront her. She manages to get Agatha face-to-face with a team of snipers close by, organised by the police. Agatha tries to pull a fast one by crying that Meghan stole her baby, not the other way around. Meghan can diffuse the situation, but barely.

Questions That Are Left Unanswered

Agatha is questioned as to why she took Ben, and she responds that Meghan is selfish for having a third child when she already has one of each. She also reveals that she took the other babies to care for them and that they got sick and died. Therefore, she didn’t kill them. After the snipers shoot her, she is sent to prison while Ben is returned to his family.

After the christening, Meghan tells Simon she will do the DNA test. However, instead of swabbing Ben, she gets a sample from her eldest son and hands the sample over. She then prays that Ben’s secret and potential paternity is never uncovered. Unfortunately, Jack is still none the wiser to his wife’s affair or that his youngest son might not be his but his best friend’s.

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