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Omid Scobie Is The Male Meghan Markle – OPINION

Omid Male Meghan

Let’s get it out in the world, shall we? The chief Sussex Squaddie, Omid Scobie, is the male equivalent of Meghan Markle. You would think that because he wrote for Yahoo as their “executive royal editor”, he would be unbiased in his so-called royal reporting. But, no. He was not. After all, he wrote a book that he thought would “end the monarchy” but ruined his failing career. HarperCollins even called the book “explosive” when it’s not. We also have to question what is going on with his work arrangement with Harper’s Bazaar.

Notwithstanding, Omid co-authored Finding Freedom with Carolyn Durand, who appears to have distanced herself from the book as she left all the promotional stuff to Scobie. What’s more, he, with the help of Meghan, came up with lies about Catherine, the Princess of Wales, as serialised in People magazine for Endgame.

Catherine, Princess Of Wales, Had Every Right To Not Want To Bond With Meghan – That Doesn’t Make Her A Snob

What did Meghan expect Catherine to do when she supposedly recoiled from the “hi, I’m Meghan hug!”? Kate, as most sane royal watchers know, is a hugger. She likely didn’t appreciate some random woman throwing herself at her. She didn’t even know Meghan a fraction of a second, and she was expected to like her instantly? If I were in Catherine’s shoes, I would recoil too.

Also, it’s no wonder she didn’t want to bond with Meghan, especially after Markle said she had baby brain. It’s insulting when someone makes fun of you in a vulnerable situation. It is claimed that Meghan said, “but I talk to my friends like that,” only for Kate to respond, “We don’t know each other well enough for you to comment on my hormones.” If this is true, then good on Catherine for defending herself. She’s right. Meghan had no right to comment on her sister-in-law’s anything.

Roasting Omid Scobie: The Male Meghan Markle

Royal reporters have roasted Omid numerous times over the years. Also, Tatler, who interviewed Scobie in 2020, calls him “a novice.” I’m not even going to read the whole article. Even a royal forum says that it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Omid thought he could get away with leaking the royal “racists” in the Dutch edition of Endgame.

We know that the Prince William-Rose Hanbury affair story was a lie, but Omid doubles down on the rumour in Endgame, according to the Hindustan Times, which makes us still think he is the male Meghan. Where else would he have gotten that kind of information from? No sensible palace staff member would talk to him. Omid admits it himself by claiming it was Prince William that prevented him access to sources.

Omid was silent for a couple of weeks until excerpts from Robert Hardman’s new book on King Charles III started being serialised in the Daily Mail. According to Geo TV, He says the resurfaced story about the Sussexes not seeking permission from The Queen to call their daughter Lilibet is “not helping anyone.”

Also, the male Meghan, also known as Omid Scobie, told the BBC that the royal racist names showing up in the Dutch printings of Endgame weren’t a PR stunt. Ah-huh, sure, the man who lied in a court of law perjured himself and insists he and Meghan are not friends. Therefore, his so-called “bombshells” aren’t as scandalous as he wants us to think they are. In other words, he’s trudging up old stories and spinning them to fit his narrative. Oh, and a forum called Grans Net also called him out for his BS. The Times of India mentions the Dutch publisher saying it was a “translation error.”

When Omid, The Male Meghan, Admits He Lied And When He Attempts To Rebrand Himself

See Omid? It doesn’t take much to admit you lied. He admitted that Charles and Catherine’s names appeared in an earlier draft of Endgame and that someone else sent it out without his knowledge. Oh kay, Omie. Whatever you say.

Surprisingly, Piers Morgan revealed the names after they were leaked from the Dutch version of the book. The Standard also has a whole topic page on Omid.

The Mirror points out that Omid, the male version of Meghan, is now attempting to rebrand himself. The Sun also has a whole section dedicated to him. Meanwhile, The Guardian makes note of the distress Scobie must have felt when “the royal racist” names ended up in the Dutch edition. If you read between the lines, it even takes digs at him in other ways.

Elsewhere, News Now lists many articles that take further digs at Omid.

Omid can lie all he wants, but he is friends with Meghan to some degree. He has certainly met her in person, and there have been rumours of the Sussexes going to hotels to allegedly work. The theory is that they were meeting with Omid physically and not leaving any digital fingerprints, which was their undoing the first time with Finding Freedom.

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